Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Riley's Birthday Party

Riley's 3rd (sniff, sniff) birthday party is this weekend and the prep work is in full force. She has asked to have a dress up tea party....it should be pretty cute to see all the kids dressed up.

Here are the invitations

Here is Riley modelling some of the dress up clothing.


The weather was beautiful outside this weekend and we spent most of our waking hours enjoying it. We played with the neighbours, went for sleigh rides, played in the 'playground' and went skating. Riley loved it and was pretty good at it right away. She wouldn't let us hold her at all, she fell and just got back up...it was great. Simon attempted to skate but his feet are so small his little bobskates kept falling off, so he just walked on the ice in his boots. The whole time on the ice all he asked was 'mommy. hockey please'...a true Canadian boy.

Finally....Peanut Butter!!!!!

Well after waiting three long years (short one week) Riley finally is able to have peanut butter. She is so proud of herself and informs us that she is now a big girl because she eats peanut butter. Here is the reaction after the very first bite.


Riley and Simon love to paint. Riley's favourite thing to paint is a skunk.....not sure why. Simon's favourite thing to paint is........himself...here's some proof.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Everyday in our house our children do things that amaze us and are worth celebrating. We are so thankful to have them both in our lives and cherish the time we have with them. They truly are our miracles, we never thought we would be so lucky to have any children and here we are with two perfect ones. They grow and change daily, we continually are blown away with what they know and can do. Riley is so much fun to be around she is so imaginative, caring, nurturing, a risk taker yet cautious, she can count to 30, knows and recognizes all the letters of the alphabet, is beginning to print her name, loves to create, dance and draw....I can go on and on. Simon is a little joker, he loves to make people laugh, he can recognize about 10 letters of the alphabet, counts to 10, loves to chase and be with Riley, is a cuddler, a risk taker....not so cautious, says the funniest things for a 19 month old ("oh goodness", "holy mackrel", no way, Yiley") and can melt our hearts with his "I yuv you mommy" and "Yiley, were are you?" We are so lucky to be their parents.


On Family Day the kids gymnastics wasn't cancelled so Jason was able to come and help out. It was a great chance for him to be able to watch the kids in action. I was thankful for the extra hands and took advantage of it by taking some photos.


Our boy had his first major wipe out. He and Riley love to run around the house holding hands, the problem is Riley runs faster....it often looks like a game of crack the whip... here is the result.

A sad, sad day!!!!

We say goodbye to the beloved and much relied on white Buick. Sadly, it has taken it's last trip, clanged it's last clang, banged it's last bang, rusted it's last spot, had the muffler tied on for the last time, we have climbed through the passengers side to get into the drivers seat for the last time, filled it with oil daily for the last time....the list goes on. It was in rough shaped but it still drove and it will now be missed deeply:( The straw that broke the Buicks back was Amanda driving home from school and coming down a hill towards a red light and NO BRAKES. The engine actually reves when you break but in true Amanda fashion she continued to drive all the way home......she figured that the car wasn't worth the price of a tow....a sad, sad day.

Valentines Day

We had a wonderful Valentines Day together, Riley spent her morning at school giving out her valentines and collecting a TON of candy. After school we all went to grandma's office to drop off our valentines as well as some heart shaped balloons. We continued to spread Valentine cheer at Jason's school with balloons, candies, gifts and lunch. Jason loves to have the kids at his school he proudly walks the halls with them introducing them to everyone. Here are some photos of the kids making some valentines.

Riley in her valentine outfit saying CHEESE!!

The cutest devil in town:)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend Events

Another busy but great weekend!!!! After our night out at the indoor playground we had another action packed Saturday. Nee Nee and Papa were visiting, Jason had to work on Saturday morning teaching grade 5.......now he knows how hard us elementary teachers work, Riley had another birthday party and we had dinner plans with G.G. and G.G. 2 (Jason's grandparents). I did bring the camera to the birthday party to take photos of Riley on the horses, feeding the cows, playing with cats and going on the horse drawn sleigh....but....I turned it on to take the first photo and......dead batteries...I can't win. We had a great evening and dinner with G.G. and G.G.2, here are some photos.

Riley wearing a dress that G.G. made.

Riley and G.G. had a tea party with china that G.G. had when she was a little girl.

Here's Simon and G.G.2...we are so lucky to have great grandparents.

Indoor Playground

On Friday night Amanda, Nee Nee and Riley and Simon went to an indoor playground in Barrie. Jason was gone to Waterloo for the evening for an volleyball alumni event. It is great place to go with lots of things for the kids to climb on, slide down and crawl through. Here are some photos from our evening.


"All schools in Simcoe County are closed"....music to our ears!!!!! On Thursday we were dumped on and for the second time in our 8 years as teachers they closed the schools. We had a great time at home together...the weather was nice and sunny so we spent 3 plus hours outside playing and Jason spent 3 plus hours plowing:( Take at look at this snow.

Some poor soul tried to drive.....Jason had to plow him out too.

We had a great time with all the snow!!!!

Wiggle Baby

"It's my birthday today, can I have wiggle baby?' that is the question we had to listen to at least a thousand times a day. The story of 'wiggle baby' or sometimes known as 'Baby Jesus' goes like this....we went to Toys R Us to buy a birthday present for one of the parties Riley was invited to. While we were there she spotted the baby and decided she had to have it, it is a Baby Alive but Riley quickly named her wiggle baby. We explained that her birthday was coming and maybe she would get it for her birthday. She didn't think that was a good answer so she asked us if she could call Nee Nee because "she'll buy it for me". When we got back home she called Nee Nee and asked her to buy it for her birthday...of course the answer was yes...it always is! After the phone call she had a thought.....I will still have to wait...so she called her back and said "can I have it now?'....once again the answer was yes. Here is photo of Riley and Wiggle Baby or Baby Jesus as she affectionately feds her and says "don't worry baby, mama's here'. Priceless.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More Photo Shoot Photos

Here are more pictures:)

Photo Shoot

We went to get some family photos done as well as Simon's 18 months photo and Riley's 3 year photo. We go to a place in Barrie called Creative Kids, the lady that owns it was our weddng photographer and always does a fantastic job. Here are some of the photos we picked, they are pictures of pictures so you can see the flash in some of them.

Winterfest and Birthday Party

We had a very full weekend, on Saturday we went to Barrie's Winterfest with our friends Melissa, Aiden and Ayla. We toured the ice sculptures, went through the ice maze, Riley went tubing and down the ice slide and Simon, Riley and Amanda went for a dog sled ride. We had a big dump of snow on Friday...buses were cancelled (YAH).... then Saturday was nice and warm outside it was perfect conditions. Here are some photos of our day.

On Sunday Riley was invited to her first friend on her own birthday party...what I mean by this is she is not friends with her because we are friends with her parents....it's a friend from school. We were both a little nervous about dropping her off at a house that we didn't know so Amanda was the neurotic parent and called see if she could go too. The parents were fine with having another guest so off the girls went. At the party the hired a company called Zoo Tech and Riley and the other children were able to hold snakes, lizards, hedgehogs, turtles, have a parrot on her shoulder and even touch a scorpion....we were very impressed with Riley she was right in there and not scared of anything. We were very sad that we didn't have a camera to capture this but being rookie birthday party parents we were not sure about bringing a camera...now we know and will have one for this Saturdays birthday party.

Friday, February 1, 2008


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