Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrate the Lasts

Today is my last day of school. Jason finished yesterday and Riley finished last week. Summer offically begins for us at about 2:30 today...the steaks are in the fridge ready to be grilled. Our summer is jam packed...the sand for the beach court comes today, we leave for the cottage tomorrow, Simon's birthday party is the next weekend, we are heading to Wonderland, African Lion Safari and a few other hot spots, the two guys Jason is taking to the Worlds come to stay with us for a coupe of weeks, Jason goes to the Netherlands, we have 2 weddings, we are going camping, Jason and I are going to Vegas for a couple of nights....and the list goes on. It certainly wouldn't be our life if we weren't constantly on the go:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brace yourself!!!

The notice came yesterday....WE ARE GETTING HIGH SPEED INTERNET in our area!!!!!!!!! We can not contain the excitment:)

Birthday Celebration

We all had a great day on Tuesday for Jason's birthday. His dinner of choice was Indian, so I ordered in and we had a nice little feast. When I asked Riley about Jason's birthday she said in a sad voice "it's daddy's birthday and he doesn't even have a birthday hat" I went and got him one.

Here's the 'birthday king'....or as Simon says 'Santa'

Here is everyone blowing out candles....yes, I know the cake is store bought...a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do:)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Happy Birthday Mathieu!!!!

Today is Jason's birthday. We will be having a little feast tonight to celebrate and shower him with gifts....he is not too spoiled:) I will post some photos on Thursday of our celebration.

Happy Birthday to my not so little Godson Mathieu. I can not believe that you are 9 years old your parents must be really old :) We hope you have a great day.

Weekend with the Prete Family

This weekend we headed down to the Niagara area to meet up with friends from university. They live in Calgary but are here for a visit. On Friday night we met for dinner. We ended up sitting on the patio which worked out perfectly because the 6 kids could roam around a little.

After dinner we went to a park

Simon and Owen. Can you believe these two are only a few weeks apart....Simon is a giant.

Simon and Nathan

An attempt to get all 6 kids looking at once:)

On Saturday morning we all met in Port Dalhouise at a lakeside park with an old fashioned carousel. The carousel still only cost 5 cents to ride.

Saturday night Jason, the kids and I spent the night at Jason's grandparents house. We had a nice visit.

Sunday morning we were up and at it. We headed out to Cobourg for the day. Jason has been selected to be the 19u Team Canada beach coach and is heading to the Netherlands on July 24th. We went to Cobourg because his team was playing in a tournament there and the Prete family were heading there as well.

Nothing like a little foot rub on the beach

We played in the splash pad

Riley and Ally

We had such a great weekend with the Prete's we were sad to see them go on Sunday. It amazes us how we see them once every couple years and when we are with them it feels like we haven't missed a beat....we sure wish we lived closer to them.

Birthday Prep Begins

We can not believe it but our liitle boy turns two in a few short weeks.....does time ever fly!!! We have been asking him what he would like for his birthday and his response is "cake and a Christmas present"....too cute. He is having a dinosaur birthday party so the kids and I are attempting to make a volcano.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

School Picnic

Riley's school had a wonderful family picnic on Tuesday. It was great to be able to watch her in action at school.

Clarabella The Clown was even there to face paint

Riley asked for a princess and Simon asked for a dino.

Clarabella did some entertaining

It was a great day!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend at the beach

Jason once again was heading to Toronto to coach his Provincial Team, so the kids and I joined him. We headed down on Friday after school and dropped Jason off at the University of Toronto to meet with his team. The kids and I continued to the hotel to check in and get dinner. Saturday morning the kids and I went to Riverdale Farms which is a beautiful farm and nature area in the middle of the city. It is located in Cabbage Town which is a really neat area in Toronto.

We looked at the farm animals

Meet a very bold squirrel...he climbed right into our stroller and took Simon's Wonder Pet, Tuck...don't worry we managed to get Tuck back.

We then met daddy for lunch and then the three of us all had a really good nap. After nap we headed down to the beach to meet daddy and went out for dinner with his team.

On Sunday the kids and I went to this great little park right across the street from our hotel. Beside the park there was a splash pad.

We had a really nice weekend together and hope daddy had a great Father's Day....the kids bought him his new phone that "would make his life so much easier" LOL.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We miss you Nee Nee!!!!

My mom went to Texas for a month for work...or as Riley says "to buy her a Dora cowboy." We miss her and she has only been gone a few days. It is hard to contact her there and Riley continually asks to call far we have been unsuccessfull:( We can't wait for you to come home Nee Nee!!!!!

Last night of swimming

Monday night was the kids last night of swimming lessons for this session. Here are some photos of our little fishies.

Trying to keep cool

On Sunday we tried our very best to keep cool in our backyard....


Slip and sliding

There was no way Simon was getting into the cold water. He spent his time taking the water from the pool and pouring it on the Slip and Slide.

Beach Volleyball

On Saturday the kids and I headed down to the beach to watch Jason play in his first beach volleyball tournament of the year. It was a sourching hot day but we managed to stay cool in the shade and by eating Dora popsicles.

After a great day on the beach we quickly cleaned up and headed to our street party. This is an annual BBQ for all of the people on our circle. It was a busy day and a late night!

Last dance class

Riley had her last dance class and they put on a little 'show'. She had a little bit of stage fright with all the parents and their cameras but put on a brave face for most of it. Here is our little Dancing Queen.

The Parkers

Riley has two little friends from school named Lily and Katie who she just adores. We had them over for dinner along with their little brother Adam and their mom Christine and their dad Drew. You just don't find families any nicer than this one. Everyone had a great time together.

Making pizza

Time to eat

Elmvale Zoo

Sorry it has been such a long sometimes passes me by. We have a little zoo about 5 minutes from our house. It is a great zoo for the kids...not to big, lots of shade, a little picnic area, cool animals and lots of animals you can feed. The kids and I picked up our seasons passes and had a great morning their together.

Simon feeding the deer

Pure excitment!!!!

Simon trying to feed the giraffe a banana

Patting the goats