Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Big Kids

We have three big kids in our house and one baby. Here are the three big kids....

One Week Old

On Monday Cooper was one week old. We had a little celebration with a cake that Riley and Simon picked out for him.

Sleeping Angel

I just can not get enough of my little angel. Look at him....he is perfect.

Great Grandparents

Our children are blessed to have great grandparents on my side and on Jason's side of the family. Jason's parents made the trip to Toronto to pick up G.G. and G.G.2 to bring them to our house to meet Cooper. It was so great to have everyone together.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Champagne Shot

We have taken the same photo of all three kids with champagne after we had had their celebratory drink. I had to look back and check out Riley and Simon's...




First Day At Home

This is what we came home to....

Thanks Nee Nee.

It was an eventful night home together...it consisted of a sponge bath

and a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate Cooper. We all enjoyed "fancy drinks, in fancy glasses."

Proud Parents

Here are some photos we took during our time at the hospital. We came home with Cooper when he was 5 days old and had 257 photos to upload. Some favourites...

Coming home from the hospital. Simon was at his playball program with Grandpa.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hospital Bath....

As you can see Cooper was not happy with this bath....

Riley and Simon meet their new little brother

Riley and Simon came with Grandma and Grandpa to meet Cooper. Riley was over the moon excited and Simon could take him or leave him. This is exactly how we thought they would react to him.

Checking him out with Dad. Wearing their I'm a big sister and I'm the middle brother t-shirts.

Time to hold him. Riley was so gentle and showered him with kisses. Simon loves to pull on his fingers and toes.

Checking everything out...even the first diaper change.

We are now a family of five!!!!!!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa meet Cooper

Jason's parents stayed with Riley and Simon for the day. Once the kids naps were over they all came to hospital to meet Coop.

Our Third Miracle.....

Cooper Elliot Hubbard was born on Monday, January 19th at 1:34 p.m. He weighed in at 7lbs 11 oz, the tiniest Hubbard yet. He was 21 inches long...the shortest Hubbard yet.

I will work my way through his birth...it became rather dramatic at times.

He we are at the hospital waiting to be prepped for the c-section. I had to have a c-section because Simon was born via c-section and I had a chance of rupture and because Cooper was also breech. I am told that I have antibodies in my blood due to my blood and one of my babies bloods mixing. This has made my blood very rare and they only have 2 pints of it at the hospital. If something happened during surgery they would not have enough blood for me. Surgery may have to be cancelled....not good news at all. In the end they decided that they should be fine to go ahead based on my history. Goodness I hoped they were right.

Jason gets his scrubs on.

I am ready to go. The sheet is up so we can't watch...which proved to be very ineffective. Jason and I were able to watch the entire operation because they did not dim the lights and the mirrored ceilings provided a great...or not so great reflection. Jason watched most of it, I just took a few glances.

Cooper arrives!!!!! He is weighed in and I get to see him for the first time.

Jason leaves the operating room with Cooper to go and meet Nee Nee while I am taken care of. My Dr. tells me that I had 2 placentas and that they may have been a twin at some point. Why none of the ultra sounds showed this...we don't know. How early I lost they second...we don't know. This second placenta was on the bottom, which pushed Cooper up under my rib cage. This explains my inability to breathe over the pregnancy. His head was under my ribs, as my doctor puts it "he was in Sudbury and we had to push him into Simcoe County." There is a whole lot more to this story but, I wasn't aware of it yet....THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

Here's the part of the story that I didn't know until much later. It was a very difficult c-section for many reasons.
1. The anti-bodies in my blood
2. The second placenta
3. Cooper's positioning and location. During surgery I kept saying to Jason that they are really pushing hard on my ribs. Jason was watching and responded "they are not pushing." Later he told me that one of the two doctors was pulling my skin up and over my rib cage in order to get Cooper out. Nice.
4. Cooper had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.
5. Due to the damage that was done during Simon's c-section. He was breech, in the splits and had travelled down my birth canal in labour. Now the damage done to my uterus during Cooper's, they were unable to close my uterus. They came very close to giving me a hysterectomy. My Dr. has advised us to not have anymore children because my uterus is in very poor condition and they would most likely have to do a hysterectomy after that child's birth. We had no intention of having a fourth but this news sure does make that decision absolutely final.

After all this drama, we ended up with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. We are the luckiest people alive...three angels.