Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Another fantastic night for us. What great nights don't start out with eating mice and ghosts?

The trick or treaters ready to go. We are so thankful Devyn, Kara and Paul joined us for the fun.

Nee Nee and Cooper stayed behind and handed out the candy. Thanks Nee Nee.

Riley literally ran from house to house with no signs of slowing down. Simon and Devyn did their best to keep up with the mad trick-or-treater.

We literally got a wagon full of candy.

Of course, I had to do it.

I just can't get over the cuteness

We love having parties

Friday night we hosted a Halloween party. We had a blast!!!! How can you not have fun when there is....


The food was obviously enjoyed

Crafts, including pumpkin decorating

Super cute kids in super cute costumes..... a super cute Nee Nee too

Beautiful girls

Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern

Wrap your mummy


And the night ends with children passing out from exhaustion

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I knew better...

So, Cooper is not only crawling and pulling himself to standing but he cruises the furniture and is now moving between things. I knew better to wish he could move...movement = trouble...especially in Cooper's case. I spend my days saying "No thank you Cooper" and sprinting across the room yelling "NOOOOOO COOPER" hoping to get there before the large, hard object falls directly on his head. He spends his days laughing at my nos, clapping at my nos and making my hair grey at a much more rapid pace.


Our little super model posing for the camera...."mommy, take a picture in this this one....."

A spider goes to school

Today was costume day for Simon at his Montessori school. He was thrilled to "go scare" everyone. He thinks he is a scary tarantula, I think he is the cutest spider I've ever seen.

I told you.....

we are so screwed with this one. He's only 9 months old and is already up to no good.