Saturday, July 31, 2010

20 lovely hours

Last week? I think it was last week? Maybe it was at the beginning of this week?? Whenever it was, it was a lovely 20 hours at the cottage with GG and Aunt Rosemary. It was so whirlwind I only took two photos.

I feel your pain...

Cooper apparently feels the same way about our noisy car rides as I do.

Friday, July 30, 2010

For Pete's Sake

What a ride!!!! Our little family rode in "For Pete's Sake" last weekend. The bicycle ride benefited the Canadian Cancer Society in honour of my Uncle Pete.

Three years ago, my Uncle Pete, who has been a firefighter in Welland for more than 30 years, was diagnosed with late-stage colon cancer. He has been courageously battling the disease over the past three years, and recently learned the cancer has spread.

What a great day we had. We had our goals set high for Riley and Simon, they were the youngest riders by far, hoping they could complete the 3 km family ride without complaining, melting down, wiping out or crashing into other other riders. As always, they exceed our expectations. WE HAVE AMAZING CHILDREN!!!!!

Our cousins, Adele and Mable are exhusted after a long ride.

The amazing Voynovich Clan

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Boy!!!!

We had to do it. We moved Cooper into his toddler bed. We NEVER would have done it if he wasn't attempting a triple lindy from the top rail of his crib. Both Riley and Simon moved into their toddler beds at 16 months, Cooper is a different child. The plan for was to keep him in the crib until he was 16 years old.

I will admit, we were so wrong. SO WRONG!!!! He has done fantastic! He hasn't gotten out once...yet. He calls me in the morning to come and get him out. I'm sure now that I have said all this I will be chasing him through the halls in the middle of the night or perhaps I will find on top of the kitchen table..again, sigh.

Willow Creek Day Camp

Riley and Simon spent a week at Willow Creek Day Camp. Riley attended this camp last year and loved it. This year, Riley was in the Sk group and my baby boy Simon was in the JK group. They had a fantastic week filled with crafts, songs, skits, bus trips and games.

They also had a parents night where the kids sang songs and performed on stage.

Riley and Simon sang Old MacDonald. Riley was a pig, Simon a horse.

"Let me see your funky chicken. What's that you say? I said, let me see your funky chicken. What's that you say? I said, Ooh, ah-ah-ah-ah Ooh, ah-ah-ah-ah."

A great week with great new friends!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cottage Week

First off, we just want to express how lucky we feel to have a cottage to spend time at. We are so fortunate and our kids are so blessed with all of the experiences we have there. It is their favourite place to be. Thank you GG and GG 2 for providing such an awesome experience for our family. The memories will last a lifetime.

And we made some more awesome memories in our week at the cottage. We love to go exploring and find hidden treasures. This week, we found a beautiful waterfall and nature trails.

The kids spent sometime painting.

Of course, many, many hours spent rock walking.

Another little treasure for a rainy day. The Early Years Centre.

Catching toads.

Spending a couple days with Nee Nee.

Making forts. This was Coop's little attempt to keep him from destroying the "movie theatre" Riley and Simon made.

Dancing in the rain.

Chilling with Ed, Jessica and Jure. I did not get a single picture with Jure in it. BOO!

Simon asked Ed if watermelons have juice. Ed told him they do. Here's Si trying to get the juice from the watermelon.


Letting Riley style our hair. This is the tennis player look.

We are counting the sleeps until we are back.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am looking for some answers to any or all of these questions. You know, an answer other than "because it is," I've already got that one covered.

"Why are things different colours?"

"Why do things have names?"

"Why do we have the sun?"

"Why are there hard and soft things?"

"Why are there boys and girls?"

"Why do we all look different?"

"Why do we have time?"

"Why do some things go fast and some things go slow?"

"Why do bugs bite?"

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?


Simon strikes again.....a few times.

Simon talking to Jason: "Daddy, I love you so much that I can't stop being near you."

Simon talking to me : "You know mom, you are a genius."

Simon to Riley in a discussing about kissing: "Some kids say kissing is disgusting. Not me. I love to kiss."

Simon talking to me about turning four: "You know what? Little people can do big stuff."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PARTY - Farmer Style

Simon's fourth birthday party was at a farm called Chapells Farms. What a fanatastic idea it was.

The party started in the giant jumping castle.

We moved on to feeding the animals.

Then the wagon ride.

Time to zoom around on the bikes, play in the sand, run on the hay and play on the equipment.

All that playing made everyone hungry. Pizza and cupcake time.

Si guy gets spoiled...again.

Thank you spidey friends for another party to remember.