Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I often refer to the kids as my little ducklings. I'm the mama duck walking with my three little ducklings following behind me. Saturday was our littlest ducklings school Christmas concert.
Coop has had a very difficult transition out of our nest and into school life. Much like Riley once did, he cries at school.
We didn't know what would happen on Saturday. Would he get on stage? Would he sing? Would he cry? How hard do we push him from the nest.
This is where the third child differs from the first. I would have been stressed out if I knew this was happening with Riley. She has to get on stage. All the money spent on new concert clothes. The family and friends watching. What would they think? My confidence as a mom has increased since those days.
We gently nudged him from the nest. Offering words of encouragement.
He wasn't having it. He wasn't interested in flying today. Then, his special comfort zone appeared with open arms and a friendly smile.
He got up on that stage in his new little nest. His temporary nest. The arms of a wonderful teacher.
He sang his songs and even stood tall for a few brief moments.
It was beautiful. He is beginning to fly.
We know that in his time he will ruffle his feathers and fly all on his own. We will be there cheering him on as proud of him then as we are of him today.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

267/365 - Meet Jimmy Ronald Hubbard

266/365 - The Fab Five

I'll take the company for $1000.00, Alex

There is just something about a parade at night that makes it so much more amazing.
Is it all the lights?
Is it the big man and his Ho Ho Ho's?
Or is it the company?
{this photo is so blurry because the company, AHEM, was yelling at me to get off the road}

265/365 - He Is Really Into This Ice Cream

264/365 - A Haircut And A Smile? Weird.

Date Day

Simon and I had an entire day together. Just us. It started off at 8:30am after dropping Riley and Cooper off with chocolate cake.
Next, we went to the Creative Cafe.
We spent the rest of the day at Chapters, going out for lunch and snuggling in my bed and watching a movie in the middle of the afternoon. Thanks Si Guy for a beautiful day.

Monday, November 21, 2011


It is my wish as a mother to experience. Experience life WITH my kids. Experience life THROUGH my kids eyes. Experience is learning, laughter, FUN.
My mother gets this. This was her wish for my brother and I too. We never had a lot of money growing up, we never had a big house, fancy clothes or cars. We had each other. We had those trips every year as our family of three. The trips my mother had to save all year for. We had experience.
As my brother and I got older we continued to work hard in order to experience. The going to university full time and working 30 hour weekends at a group home so Jason and I could experience Europe for 10 weeks. My brother lives the true experience. He could not care less about stuff. It means nothing to him. He lives hard. Skiing, biking, surfing and traveling.
For my birthday, my mom treated the kids and I (Jason couldn't get the time off work) to a night at the water park. It was once again an amazing time. The kids ran up the stairs and came rocketing out of those watersides with huge smiles on their faces.
Riley and Simon quickly found little friends to race, jump the waves, and swing with.
We ate in the restaurants and had cereal from little boxes. Without a care in the world.
We shared cakes, candles and Happy Birthday songs.
We were amazed at the magic and even had the chance to be part of it.
The experience was beautiful, the memories are forever. We are thankful.

261/365 - Gathering Spot

260/365 - Hardwood Protection

259/365 - Hockey Face

258/365 - Typical Cooper Attire

257/365 - This Makes Me So Happy

256/365 - How I spent my birth night

255/365 - Hotel Must Do