Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Celebrate Me

The kindergarten students at our school put on a year end concert and graduation ceremony of sorts called Celebrate Me.

This year we celebrated both Riley and Simon.

After the concert we were invited back to the classroom to enjoy their memory books, treats and many photo ops.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beautiful Heart

I have said it many, many times and I will say it again....Riley has a beautiful heart.

Shortly after the loss of our sweet Alivia, Riley decided to continue to grow her hair so she could cut it and donate to "children who need a wig."

The time had come and she was ready for the big cut.

I was so proud. She sat in that chair telling her hair dresser all about Alivia, all about cancer and explained why it is important for people to donate hair and money.

I cried. I cried for the superficial loss of her hair, for Alivia and for the fact that my 6 year old daughter knows so much about loss.

She looks so cute with the new 'do

She is so proud of herself.

She is ready to grow it again so next June her and Auntie Chantal can get their hair cut together.

A beautiful, beautiful heart.

149/365 - Animal Whisperer

148/365 - Luscious Lips

147/365 - Dress Up

146/365 - Happy Birthday To The Best Nee Nee Ever

Reason Number 3569....

...I love being at the same school as my kids...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

144/365 - Waiting For Dad


One of our favourite ways to beat the heat. A splash pad!

Reason Number 3568....

I love teaching at the same school as the kids.

Field Trips together.

My class, Riley's and Simon's class spent a beautiful day at Springwater Park.

I love being part of their day and celebrating (and sometimes crying) together about the everyday.

143/365 - Sleeping Position

142/354 - Touring Rome Through Skype

Footsteps For Families

We had the honour of walking with my friend Chantal and Team Liv Strong in support of the Ronald MacDonald House. Craig and Chantal refer to The Ronald MacDonald House as "the best place you never want to be."

I am so proud of Riley, Simon and Cooper, they walked 5 kms and never complained once. We spoke a lot about Alivia and the other children who were being walked for.

It was a powerful day. One we are proud to be a part of.

Thank you Chantal for including us. Thank you Alivia for touching our hearts again.

Gearing up in our Footsteps For Families t-shirts. We walk for Alivia.

The Start/Finish and the pre walk warm up.

Sweet Baby Kate

Family fun after the walk...and my kids coming out of a giant...never mind.

This "baby tiger eyes" was spent.

141/365 - Dragonfly

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Before Jason left for Rome we took the kids to the driving range for the first time. We had a blast.

Getting some pointers

Happy Gilmore

Hitting basket, after basket, after basket of balls.


The golf pose.