Sunday, March 27, 2011

86/365 - Flying Ninja


Our kids are getting BIG.
I know, shocking.
But they are.
Really BIG.

Big like, we no longer have a crib or toddler bed in our house. Cooper is in his double bed now.

AND BIG like spending the day at a Maple Syrup Festival with your friend and HIS (YES, I SAID HIS) family. Travelling in another person's car and being gone from our house from 9:30 - 4:30...WITHOUT US!!!!!!

Our BIG girl with her bag of homemade cookies and crafts for William.

They are ready to grow and get BIGGER but am I....

...I think NOT.

House - Primer

The Primer is up. 45 Days to go!!!!

It does concern me a bit that this is how they communicate with each other:)

85/365 - That's Gonna Hurt

Saturday, March 26, 2011

84/365 - First Night In His Own Big Bed

83/365 - We Baked

St. Patrick's Day

We came home from Ottawa for two days before packing up and spending the end of March Break at the cottage.

St. Patrick's Day was spent with friends watching Irish dancers perform.

When we got home Riley promptly changed and did her own little performance.

We had bangers, green mash, green milk and green beer for dinner.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Break In Ottawa

We spent our first 4 days of March Break with some of our best friends. There were 7 kids, 6 and under. Riley was the oldest. We had a fantastic time. Everyone shared, everyone played together, nobody fought, and the kids did great too:)

We spent a day at the sugar shack. But now that I think about it, we saw no trees being tapped...actually we saw no trees at all???? We saw the animals, played in the playground, climbed on the hay, posed for photos and ate yummy pancakes with maple syrup...from someone's maple trees:)

We logged some serious hot tub time and some of us (the crazy ones) became members of the polar bear club.

We took group baths. 7 kids in one bath least we knew nobody was going to drown.


Spent a day at the Children's Museum

Created Team Tie Dye.

Thank you Tonja, Colin, Annah and Peter for having all of us. Looking forward to the next time.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

House - Showing Progress

The stone work has begun.

Front Entry

Kitchen, eating area and family room.

Master bedroom

Riley's bathroom

49 more days!

Being Pretty

This is what happens when Coop plays with Riley....

This is what happens when you ask Cooper to pose pretty...

82/365 - "Hi Nee Nee, it's Tooper"

81/365 - Completely Obsessed