Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The jury is still out....

Not sure how I feel about this yet.......I mean Dora? As a tween?


Yes, I said it, SHIT!!!!!!! Cooper is on the move. He is able to get from his tummy to sitting and then he scoots on his bum. I left him on one side of our family room to go and change the laundry over and I heard a crash....he had scooted his way to the little table and chairs and pulled the little table over on himself.

Look at me!!!!!! I'm so proud.

Now for the SHIT part......

How do you baby proof a house when it is full of little Lego, barbie shoes and a bunch of other small put in your mouth and you will choke to death toys???

Life is about to get a little more interesting...unless I cave and get one of these baby jails.....I mean look how happy they look locked up in there, pure bliss.

What's a dog got to do....

to get a little peace around here?


G.G (Jason's grandma) has made each one of our children a quilt after they were born....Riley actually lucked out with two, shhhh. She is amazingly talented and we are so thankful for all of her hard work. On Sunday, we went to visit her and she had Cooper's quilt complete.

Cooper's Carousel

Here are the beautiful quilts she made for Riley and Simon.

Thank you G.G. We love you.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hey guys let's climb the mountain....

We spent today at The Village Of The Blue Mountains. It is one of our favourite places to go, touring the shops, drinking Starbucks and playing on the rocks.

Simon asked if we could walk up the mountain, we agreed thinking we would only go part way up....we walked up the entire thing, all the way to the top!!!!! It was awesome.

Once you get to the top you get a free ride on the chairlift down. Our kids amaze us everyday with what they say, do and think of.

After our mountain adventure we went to a little pub for some food and drinks.

This is what happens to a three and a four year old after they walk up a mountain...

Massage Therapist Anyone??????

Cooper has entered us into the "OH MY GOODNESS MY BACK IS KILLING ME" stage of life. Now that he knows how to do this.....

he wont do anything else.

Meet The Creature

Thursday night was Riley's Meet the Creature, I mean, Teacher Night. She proudly lead all of us around her classroom showing off her artwork, hook, cubby and even introducing Nee Nee to her teacher Mrs. Marks. She LOVES going to school and was so proud to show off her work.....she should be proud, it's fantastic!


Doesn't everyone wear a pair of goggles and a snorkel in the bath tub?

Cooper chilling in his duck tub along side of Riley and Simon in the "big tub" gets some goggle action.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The umbilical cord just got a little bit longer

Today was Riley's first day of JK. HER FIRST DAY OF JK!!!!!!!!! She has been over the moon excited about going for weeks now, I on the other hand have had mixed emotions. I'm excited for her but....she's my baby girl, my baby girl is going to school.

I offered to make her anything she wanted for breakfast, of course, she chose oatmeal.

All dressed and ready to go. Tears were shed me of course, then more tears were shed when she responded "don't cry mommy, I'll always be your baby." My heart melted. Then, in true Riley fashion she said "don't cry at my school, I will be embarassed." God, I love that kid.

Here we go!!!!!

We arrive at the school, she kisses us and says "OK, bye mama" and off she ran. She played hop scotch, ran around with a friend she instantly met and never looked back.

Nee Nee, Jason and I watched her play until the bell rang. She quickly lined up with her class and off she went.

OK, I will admitt it.......I drove back at recess time, sat in my van in the parking lot and watched her. She was running around with her friends Devyn, Owen and her new little buddy Gwen. She was riding the bikes, playing hula hop and playing chase. Happy as can be.

Nee Nee took Cooper and I out for lunch at one of my favourite places, Shirley's. We did a few other errands in the afternoon before picking Riley up from school.

She reported having a great day. She told me all about playing with Devyn, Owen and Gwen. She painted, drew, read stories, sang O Canada, ate snack, had lunch and played outside THREE TIMES!!!!! Her favourite part of the day was going up to library to look at books and see Nancy (a friend of ours). She said "don't worry mommy, I didn't call her Nancy, I called her by her other name, Ms...... what is it again?"

When I got home, I checked my school e-mail and found that her teacher Mrs. Marks sent me a message about Riley's day.

Hi Amanda,
Just letting you know Riley is having a great day. She is a delight! So confident and responsible. Thanks for getting her ready for JK. Ellen

We are so proud of her. We are looking forward to all of the exciting learning and growing she will do this year. Hopefully, over time, I will stop crying.....hopefully.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Toronto Zoo

Sunday was teachers day at the Toronto Zoo. Yeah, for teachers day!!!!!! We got up and out of the house nice and early to go pick up Grandma and head down to Toronto. The weather was beautiful, the crowds were large and the company was perfect!

Touching the stingrays. Riley touched them once then said, "I'm not doing that again." Simon was right in there.

Jason trying to convince Riley to touch a baby shark.

Playing in Kids Zoo.

Checking out the animals.

Riding in style.

"Come on mommy, pinch my bum."

Cooper checking out the animals.