Monday, June 18, 2012


I am having technical difficulties, I am unable to upload any photos. Hopefully I will have some time to resolve these issues soon. In the meantime, we keep on living a full life. One that I will hopefully be able to document here soon.

We have...

~ finished another swimming session

~ started another soccer season

~ finished drum lessons for the summer....and possibly forever

~ put on two spring concerts

~ attended several birthday parties

~ spent afternoons with friends on their dock

~ attended a a charity event with a private Jim Cuddy Concert

~ been to Canada's Wonderland

~ ran selection camps

~ had spirit week

~ completed report cards and assessments

~ celebrated an amazing dad

~ enjoyed backyard gathering with friends

~ spent afternoons on the giant waterside

~ caught new bug friends, sucky and dirty

~ narrated a French play. This narrator also insisted on memorizing the entire French play. Reading as a narrator was not acceptable for this girl.

~ completed science projects and rocked the habitat and presentation

Over the next two weeks we will...

~ attend the school Fun Fair

~ celebrate Simon's 6th birthday with his friends

~ attend a sleepover birthday party

~ celebrate Jason's birthday with a BBQ with friends

~ go to a concert

~ celebrate my mom's birthday

~ attend year end staff parties

~ finish our school year

~ move my classroom

~ run another selection camp

~ follow the Olympic Qualification tournaments very closely. We Believe.

We Believe.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Heavy Hearts

We love you Uncle Pete. You are an amazing man and an amazing role model for many. The world has lost a great man, husband, father, grandpa, great uncle, uncle, firefighter and Simon has lost his hero. You are constantly in our thoughts.

Much, much love. Xoxoxoxo