Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lemonade for Liv

This summer Riley held her first annual Lemonade for Liv stand. All money raised went in support of Alivia's Rainbows.

We are so proud of Riley and her kind and giving heart. She truly is one of the most kind, caring and empathetic little girls we have ever known.

Riley's lemonade stand got the attention of the Smile Epedemic too .

She raised 137.00 in 2 hours. We are so thankful for all of our friends who stopped in, bought lemonade and lended a helping hand. Riley's teacher and her generous donation was the icing in the cake. Thank you!

Rewind...Our day at Fort George

The kids and I took a day this summer to drive down to Niagara on the Lake and spend a rainy day at Fort George.

Despite the absolutely pouring rain we had a great day, exploring all of the fun things the fort has to offer.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Look, I got dressed all by myself.

Awesome job Coop!

Did you put on underwear?

Ummmmmm, no.

Neighbour Friends

We truly feel like we hit the jackpot moving into this house, moving onto this street and being in this neighborhood. We couldn't ask for better kids for our kids to grow up with. We couldn't ask for better neighbours who have quickly become our friends.

We celebrate each others successes with champagne on the sidewalk.

The kids play together almost every day.

We go on outings together so the kids can play and the adults can too.

We are amazingly blessed with such great friends who are also our neighbours.

Hip Hop Simon

Simon started in his Musical Theater and Hip Hop Dance class this week. He was so excited, he asked 768965 times a day when the classes started. Now that he has a class under his belt he still asks 768965 times a day when he gets to go back.

Here's Simon and his friend Jake ready to shake their groove things.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Canada Day Weekend

Rewind.....back to Canada Day Weekend.

We were lucky enough to spend the weekend at our friends cottage.

Roasting marshmallows

Snuggling while we watch fireworks

And engaging in other cottage like activities that no cameras were present for. Or, maybe, cameras were present, the pictures just can't be shared publicly. You do know what happens to the first one passed out at the party don't you.....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Willow Creek Day Camp

All three kids spent a week at Willow Creek Day Camp again this year. Riley and Simon both went full days and Cooper went half days. It was a fantastic week for all three kids, they had a blast. AND, Cooper never cried at drop off, for the first time ever!!!

Some photos from parents night.

Riley and Devyn

Cooper in his show.

Riley in her show.

Simon in his show.

See you next year Willow Creek.

Back to School

I am going to be jumping back and forth between summer and fall activities. An attempt to document our summer while keeping up with fall fun.

Looking back at past first days of school.

September 2008. Riley Casa year 2 and Simon Casa year 1

September 2009. Riley JK and Simon Casa Year 2

September 2010. Riley SK and Simon JK

September 2011. Riley grade 1, Simon SK and Cooper Casa Year 1.

This year, September 2012. Riley grade 2, Simon grade 1, and Cooper Casa Year 2.

Here's to the best year ever.