Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back Burner

This blog has been put on the back burner for a little while.

We have a lot going on right now in our little family.

22 days until we move. We have been shopping, meeting with the builder every couple of days, ordering appliances, arranging deliveries, setting up utilities, arranging movers, packing, purging...and the list goes on.

The rental house that we are living in is being shown. Although not as stressful as showing our house, it still means a lot of cleaning and getting out of the house.

Kids spring activities are up and running. Swimming, pre-school programs, dancing. Soccer is next to start.

Dance for Riley is super busy with photos, several recital rehearsals, hair and make up classes, volunteer meetings.

Jason's report cards are due. You can imagine the amount of marking a high school english teacher has to do.

School for me is crazy right now too. I am organizing the schools talent show, the earth day liturgy and the school's Poetry in the Round.

Jason has a new title. He is the Beach Development Coach for Volleyball Canada. Along with his 4 practices a week he runs in Toronto he also has a lot of administrative work to do. He will continue his 4 practices a week until the end of school and then it will step up to 6 practices a week plus weekend tournaments.

I will try to continue to update my picture a day (although I am behind already) and house progress but other than that there will probably be little action on here.

I'm off to continue to clean...house showing tonight.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

101/365 - "I'll Help You Riley."

Fun In The Sun

What a great day Saturday was!!! We all went outside by 9:00am and didn't come in the house until 4:30....a little sun burned:(

Jason and I cleaned the garage, did a dump run and a run to the Goodwill.

The kids kept themselves busy biking and roller skating.

We ended the day with a trip to the park.

We sure hope this weather is here to stay.

100/365 - "Mommy, I think my goggles are too tight"

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98/365 - Garden Gnome

97/365 - Cannon Ball!!!!!!

96/365 - Leap Frog

Cottage Weekend

Way back in March, we spent a couple days at the cottage over March Break...and I'm just getting to blog about it now.

We had several visitors.

We spent most of our time outside...exploring,

pretending to be penguins,

playing hockey,

sliding on the ice,


and admiring the beauty.

The super moon was enjoyed by all of us on the dock. Sorry about the quality of photo...I'm saving for that new lens.

Our time inside was equally enjoyed.

Looking forward to getting back up there for the Easter long weekend.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lucky Beanstalks

I feel so lucky to be a teacher. I feel even luckier to be a teacher at the same school my kids go to.

I never miss a thing. I'm sure as they get older they will wish I missed a few things.

This week Riley's class, Simon's class and my class went to see the theater producton of Jack and the Beanstock.

It was so great to see Simon and his friend dancing the aisles the entire time.


When we got home from school Riley, in true Riley fashion, found a seed, planted it, watered it and sat beside it all. night. long. Watching for it to grow.