Monday, November 4, 2013

Day Six - Swimming and Biking

We started day six with Coco. Perfect.
After some serious Coco cuddles, we walked to the lake for a little swim.
The rest of our day was spent riding the kids rental bike. We rode at the BMX track and in the skate bowl. Simon was in his glory. We even watched Uncle Ryan do his tricks. Check out Riley, gotta love a girl in a skirt and flip flops riding the BMX track!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day Five - Pemberton Valley Farms and Lake Joffre

Our day started at Pemberton Valley Farms picking the most delicious organic blueberries in the most beautiful spot ever. Pemberton Valley Farms is owned by the Mayor of Pemberton. The big hit for the kids was Gloria the pig along with the blueberries.
Ryan and Hillary suggested we hike up to Joffre Lake. A beautiful hike with glaciers. They said it was a nice path and a good hike for the kids. Here is the first glacier lake. Breathtaking
After the first lake we quickly learned that there was no real trail. There was rocks, streams, and huge mountain cliffs....for 4.5km. It was so steep in some parts Cooper broke out into singing Lady GaGa "I'm on the edge of glory." At one point Jason turned to me and said "you know we are going to die here." But, we all preserved and did it.
Boy was it worth it. An amazing glacier lake that some of the crazier people went into.
And then, our 4.5km hike out.