Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 24

Seriously, could we have asked for better weather for the long weekend?

Saturday morning started off early with flower picking for a breakfast table arrangement.

Coop got in on the action too. Sadly this is the photo that did me in. I put my back out. I am unable to stand upright. I am barely able to walk. I am icing, I am heating, It's not getting better. It's been four days. I am going to have to call in the big guns soon and break down and see a Chiropractor. Have I mentioned before how much I dislike Chiropractors?

Our Saturday afternoon was spent in the lake, rock walking.

Pants optional.

In the early evening we went into town to get me some ice packs and pain killers and stopped at the covered bridge.

We squeezed in some silly daddy time

and capped the night of with sparklers....our warm up for the big guns on Sunday night.

Sunday we went to our friends cottage for a yummy dinner and play time,

and fireworks....check out this insane box of fireworks.

The boys heading down to the dock to light the fireworks. They giggled like school girls the entire time.

All set and ready for the show.

Again, we capped the night off with sparklers....which ended on a dramatic note...Simon dropped his sparkler and suddenly his ninja powers kicked in and he caught it in mid air. He caught the side on fire. You can imagine how the rest played out.

Our plan for Monday was to go home after Coopers nap but it was a fantastic day out so we stayed and milked every last minute out.

More rock walking.

Frog catching.


Looking cute.


The Circus Is Calling....

and Coop is ready for them. If you think he's good at balancing cucumbers you should see what else he can do.

20/20 Vision

I never thought I would hear those words being said to me. BUT....I have 20/20 vision!!!!!!!!!!!

My last photo with glasses. AND huge dark circles, yikes!!!!

Me in my terminator shades.

It has been almost a week since my Lasik and I am in love with my new eyes. Jason and I love to play "can you read that sign?" when he's driving. And you know what, I CAN!!!!!!

Almost here..

Summer is getting closer.

We are giddy with excitement.

I have 13 working days left.

Not that I'm counting. {Grin}

We have been taking advantage of this fantastic weather and spending every possible minute outside. It's where we are happiest.

We have been spending our days at parks

Having picnics in the grass

Having unexpected but welcome visitors join our picnic

And playing on the water slide.

We love you summer!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I was reading a blog last night that I frequently read. I do not know this woman, she is as they say a "mommy blogger." She was writing about reality. The reality of what her life would look like if you watched through her window.

I was thinking about that last night while I was up with Coop. What would my life look like if you looked through our windows right now.

My reality....

It's 9:00 am on a Tuesday morning.

Jason is gone to work.

Riley is colouring at the table, she is in the dress she wore to school yesterday because she wanted to sleep in it.

Simon is colouring beside her, still in his P.J.'s. He is melting down repeatedly because he can not draw the perfect butterfly.

Cooper is still in his P.J.'s too. Well, half of them anyway. I changed him this morning and didn't put his pants back on. He is sitting on the floor throwing books out of the basket.

I am in my P.J.'s...well red P.J. pants and one of Jason's old t-shirts. I have reheated the same cup of coffee three times already.

My kitchen is littered with breakfast dishes...most with half eaten food still on them. The rest of the house is clean (because of house showings) if you don't look under the bed where I stashed the pound of laundry I have not gotten to yet. Or you don't look in the far back corner of our closet where I stashed the clean but unfolded laundry.

There is fake food sprawled across my kitchen floor because Simon and Cooper had a picnic this morning.

Now, come on, I know you lurkers are out there, I have over 16000 hits on this blog yet only 3 people ever comment. Tell me what would your reality look like if I peeked through your windows?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa

We had a little birthday celebration for Grandpa (Jason's dad). The kids worked for most of the day making him presents....6 million drawings and a stepping stone all wrapped up with 10 million pieces of tape.

They also worked hard on baking him a golf cake. The cake bosses at work

The finished product...complete with a sand trap, water hazard, green and golfer on the 19th hole.

Giving Grandpa his gifts

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Grandpa! We hope you enjoyed your celebration.