Friday, October 31, 2008

Spooky Halloween Dinner

We have made it a family tradition to have a spooky Halloween dinner. This year we did it a day early as I am flying solo for the Halloween weekend. Our menu this year included, ghosts made from mashed potatos, eyes made from carrots, bats made from meatloaf and slime juice made from milk and food colouring. We hung up all of the pumpkin lights and all of the orange lights. We ate by candle light.

Pumpkin Carving

The pumpkins are ready!!!! This year the kids asked for easy jack-o-lanterns, no Dora, Elmo or Pablo this year. It was quick and easy. They both wanted to carve the pumpkins that Uncle Pete had bought them from the pumpkin patch.

Hard at work.

Simon want one that was saying BLAH, with triangle eyes.

Riley wanted triangle eyes and big teeth.

Both kids wanted to colour and to paint their pumpkins.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Bad timing, bad timing, bad timing!!!!! We just had to purchase a new car for Jason and we are in the process of doing some repairs to it in order to get it safteyed. Today my van brakes went.....might I add that only 2 years ago I put $700.00 in brakes on it. We are in Welland for another night as they put another $800.00 in brakes on. All of these extra costs are not good....Christmas is coming, a baby is coming and so is mat leave (insert many curse words here). Thank goodness my kids love oatmeal, bannanas and spagetti because that will be our main diet for a little while....more cursing going on!!!!!

Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday we went to visit Aunt Connie and Uncle Pete before we headed out to the pumkin patch. We were very excited when they asked if they could come with us. It was a wet and cool day but we still had a blast.

Thanks Aunt Connie and Uncle Pete for letting us pick pumpkins to take home.

Trick or Treating Again and Halloween Parties

While visiting Welland we did a little more early trick or treating. First stop Aunt Connie and Uncle Pete's house.

The three crazy adults got into the action as well.

Simon needed to try on the fireman gear too.

Then to the hospital to trick or treat with Memere.

Our last stop for the day was a Halloween Party.

Big and Scary

Friday morning the kids and I went to Welland to be with Nee Nee for the weekend. Jason is busy with volleyball all weekend. Nee nee bought Riley a new pair of P.J.'s, she put them on and a tear came to my eye, she looks so BIG:(

Riley and Simon had fun trying on Papa's mask....SCARY!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where has the time gone????

I don't know what has happened to the last 6 months but somehow we missed them. We are now in our last trimester and there are a thousand...a possibly a billion things to do before baby makes his or her appearance. I am in a bit of a panic mode right now...I will settle down shortly...I hope.

Jason is gone at least 3-4 nights a week, he is gone every weekend for the next on earth are we going to do this????

Update on what we have been working on...
1. The holes in the wall in the nursery are all patched.
2. All of the outside stuff is now inside...we just have to mow the lawn one last time.
3. The washer and dryer are now stacked.
4. The nursery is 80% cleaned out.
5. The front closet and the laundry room closet have been cleaned out.
6. Cleaned out the garage. My van now is parked in the garage.

Some of the things that need to be done in the next three months...with Jason gone a lot, with work, with all of the kids activites, with Christmas etc...
1. Prime the nursery
2. Paint the nursery
3. Buy a new dresser for the nursery
4. Wash girl clothes and boy clothes
5. Paint the powder room
6. Paint the laundry room
7. Build the organizational unit in laudry room
8. Go for a dump run to finish clearing out the garage so Jason can get his car in to
9. Get rid of the stand up freezer and the old beer fridge.
10. Etc., etc., etc.......

I know what you are thinking....what does painting a powder room have to do with the new baby??? Believe me it does... I need to be as organized and clean as possible in order to feel at ease. I do not function well at all in a messy disorganized home....just ask Jason, he stayed up after practice last night until 3:30a.m. finishing the stacking of the washer and dryer because he knows that the disorganization of it half done would put me over the edge. I still can't figure out how he lifted the dryer on top of the washer by himself....

Now that I have vented a little hopefully I will feel more at's hoping!!

Black and Orange Day

Today is black and orange day at Riley and Simon's school. We got all decked out for the day...

All That Jazz....

Riley is taking dance again and is in a Broadway Babies. Yesterday was one of the days that parents can go in the class and observe. Last year, Riley had stage fright and wouldn't participate in the class because of all the people watching. This year was a different story...she was right in there giving it her all. We laughed the whole time we were watching her because every few minutes she would stop, wave and yell "Hi mama" or "dada look at this" it was so cute.

Here's a cute shot of the Si Guy in his cool dude shades

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let It Snow??????

Yes, we have snow.....YIKES!!!!! Jason and I aren't so thrilled with it but the kids sure are. As soon as we got home from school today they wanted to go out to play. We asked Riley to get herself ready to go out.

The result....

A snowsuit, baseball hat, rain boots and a poncho....nice.

They had a blast outside playing with daddy and their neighbour friends.

Our Big Girl...

Riley has been asking us or should I say begging us to stay at school all day for weeks now. We talked to her teachers and they said they had room for her on Tuesday afternoon but not Thursday....a good start for us. Riley had it all figured out, she would stay at school, eat her lunch out of a Jasmine lunch bag and then play with her friends.

Problem: Where on earth do you get a Jasmine lunch bag at the end of October?

Solution: Have internet shopping freaks for friends who find one for you. You order it because how can you resist and end up paying a stupid amount of money for a Jasmine lunch bag. Thanks Kara!!!!

We have been checking the mailbox together everyday for that lunch bag and nothing yet...

Last night Riley made her lunch menu and asked to have cheese, crackers, raisins and raspberries for lunch. Off to the store I went to grocery shop and to buy a "for now" lunch bag.

Riley wanted to pack her own lunch. So I had all the food put out, the containers out and her lunch bag ready. It was so cute to see her put the raspberries etc... right into the lunch bag, no container. Next time I will be much more specific.

Here she is ready with her lunch bag

I picked her up at the end of the day and she had a fantastic day. She was so happy and so tired. I have been told that Simon had no problem leaving with Grandpa at lunch time too. When we got home I baked a "We Are So Proud Of You Cake" for dessert.

At dinner time Riley was telling us all about living and non-living things. She learned about them today at school...amazing!!!! We are so happy she is able to spend one full day a week there...even though I have had to lengthen the umbilical cord a little more (boo hoo).

Early Trick or Treat

We headed over to Grandma's and Grandpa's on Sunday night for an early trick or treat. Grandma is going to be away on Halloween night. The kids scored some yummy chocolate treats and we all scored a super yummy dinner.

Here is our Snow White and Dino

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby Love

Simon has started to take some interest in the baby the last couple of days. He asks to kiss it, sing to it and read it stories. It is soooooooooo cute!

Keeping on the baby topic but not so cute.....arm numbness. My right arm has been going completely numb, starting from my shoulder all the way into my thumb. I have been told this is normal???? Has anyone else had this experience???

Our Saturday

This weekend is our last full weekend with Jason around for the next 6 weeks so we are trying to enjoy every minute of it while putting him to work. We had a great pancake breakfast together, made Rice Krispy squares, continued to empty out the office, did some organizing in the playroom then headed out for a beautiful hike. We live right by several hiking and walking trails, the weather was outstanding so we headed out.

The kids loved the walk and exploring everything. The milk weed was the big hit...

We then headed home for lunch and naps. All of that walking did wonders for nap time, Riley needed to pulled out of bed at 6:00. We hope the weather is this nice again tomorrow, a fantastic day!