Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NEVER gets old.....

Watching our children's reaction after they suck on a lemon will never get old.


Simon talking to Riley...

Simon: Guess what Ri?

Riley: What?

Simon: I sure like mom. She's is definitely my best mom.

Riley: Yep, she is Si.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend At The Cottage - A Picture Story

New Eyes

I have new eyes. Not literally...yet...I will literally have new eyes on May 19th. I see things differently. I have new perspective. I know about true bravery, true courage, true togetherness, true selflessness, the true meaning of not sweating the small stuff, the true meaning of enjoying the little moments. Things that once bothered me no longer do...as much anyway.

A mess. A little person made this mess. A little person exploring, pretending, learning. A beautiful mess.

Thank you Alivia. You have changed our lives forever.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

14 months


Yes, I'm late again. Life happens, this week life has been happening in ways I never dreamed.

It's been another month of you keeping us on toes. You certainly are your own person and I do not fear like I once did that you would fall into your brothers or sisters shadow. You definitely are not a shadow sitter. In fact you rarely sit...any where.....correction.... you sit on top of train tables and coffee tables, you sit on top of the the craft table and on top of Newman so I guess you do sit.

You have a love of the outdoors. Always bringing me your shoes, sitting on your bottom and raising your foot into the air yelling ON at me. I love to be out there with you, watching you chase the birds.

You have a love of music and dancing. Any time you hear music you stop and dance. You continually bring me the See N Say requesting the song "oh" (Old McDonald). How can anyone resist playing it for you over and over and over and over again when they get to watch you cut a rug like you do.

These next few months will be a big change for you. A big change for us. I have gone back to work half time. I am sad to not have our quiet days together. To have the time just us. But I want you to know, I work for you, for Riley and for Simon. We have BIG dreams together. Those BIG dreams cost BIG money. We will see the world together. I will see the world through your eyes. I will get excited over the robin in the grass, the squirrel in the tree and the fish in ocean as long as I am holding your hand.

Love you Coopy.

March Break

We spent a beautiful March Break at the cottage. It was an incredible week filled with....
Hallway hockey....shirts versus skins

A day in Huntsville

Simon asked me to take this picture....I couldn't resist

Puddle jumping

"Cool dude hair"

Sink baths

Cuddle time

Peaceful evenings

Birthday parties and St. Patricks day parties with great friends

Ice fishing

Egg hunting

Fort building


Potato peeling...dock side

Screaming Heads

New places to climb

Smores on the fire

Monday, March 22, 2010

She got her wings

I sat down today to write about our week at the cottage but I just couldn't do it. Not yet. It will come. Later. The only thing on my mind is Alivia, Chantal, Craig, Mathieu, Andrew and Katelyn. The bravest, most courageous, strongest, most determined girl I have ever met left us on Friday, March 19th.

I'm going to be honest here, I can't even write this post.

Another day.

Another time.


You have changed our lives.

We will never listen to a Taylor Swift song again without dancing for you.

Our memories of you and our time together will last a lifetime.

We love you sweet angel.

You are the most beautiful princess in heaven.