Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is what Jason did while we were having fun with Nee Nee

What a guy!!! We borrowed a truck from good friends of ours (thank you so much Kara and Paul, we owe you...again) and Jason drove to his Aunt Rosemary's and Uncle Rick's house. They live on a beautiful piece of property with tons of tree. He spent the afternoon digging up 42, yes 42, trees all by himself. Thank you Rick and Rosemary it is very much appreciated. After all that hard work he was up planting all 42 trees on Sunday. Thanks to all his hard work we have a great line of trees up the sides and back of our property. Notice that he planted them around the plot for the beach volleyball court that is going into our backyard... nothing like a little motivation:) Thanks for all of your hard work Daddy we love you!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby Ducks

We spent Sunday morning with Aunt Chantal, Uncle Craig, Mathieu, Andrew, Alivia and baby ducks!!!

Weekend at the beach house

Riley, Simon and I spent the weekend at Sherkston with Nee Nee. We headed down on Thursday evening and had an action packed weekend. Here are some of the highlights...

Golf cart driving

Going to the park

Climbing trees

Went for a walk down the beach...the kids had their own ideas...and went into the water. Yes, that is ice...it was freezing. Riley actually attempted to swim..funny girl.

Campfire and beautiful sunsets

Bike rides...Uncle Ryan and Aunt Hillary, she rides this bike everywhere..thanks again!

Attempted to feed the ducks...overtaken by seagulls:(

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dance Class

On Wednesday parents were allowed into dance class to watch. Riley asked that morning if grandpa could come too. It was so fabulous to watch her, she did a great job. She listened to the teacher, sang the songs and was often the loudest voice, she didn't run back and forth form the group to me ( like most other children did). Grandpa and I proudly took photos and video. With only a few minutes left of the class she started looking back and forth from me to the teacher, I could tell that it was hard for her to have me sitting right there but unable to come see me. The end of the dance class ended with a few tears:( I was so proud of her, I too had tears in my eyes watching her...she looked like such a big girl. Here are some photos of our little ballerina girl.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Simon made a huge break through this weekend...he told me he had to go pee so off to the potty we went. We sat there for 15 minutes reading books and nothing so...I gave up. Thankfully the little mommy also known as Riley didn't....she stayed and 'read' more books to Simon. I was off cleaning the floors (no comment Sadlon:)) and Simon came over to tell me he went pee pee in the potty. YEAH!!!! We did the potty celebration, made a few phone calls and then had a 'special treat'. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. Way to go Si Guy!!!!


Grandpa came over this morning with a golf bag for the kids. They were very excited and wanted to learn to play right away. Here are the kids enjoying the clubs and getting some advice from grandpa.


On Saturday morning the kids and I went to Collingwood while Jason taught his Saturday morning program. We spent the morning at Plunge Aquatic Centre which is an indoor and ourdoor waterpark. There are water slides, pools, hot tubs and a splash pad. Riley learned how to swim by herself with her lifejacket on. Simon loved floating on his back by himself with his lifejacket on.

We decided to have our snacks outside in the sunshine watching the skiiers come down the mountain

Collingwood and the Village at Blue Mountain is a fantastic place to be, we love going there.

The King and Cinderella

Riley insisted on being called Cinderella on Saturday and that Jason be called King. I went along with the Cinderella thing but there was no way I was calling Jason king:)

Here they are dancing at the 'beach ball'

Simon wanted to get in on the dress up action too

Spiders and Worms

While I was doing some gardening this weekend with my "little helpers" we found a large number of spiders and worms. Both kids got right in their and picked them up. We were not surprised Simon was right in their but it was surprising to see Riley picking them up.....usually when she sees a bug she kneels down and screems at the top of her lungs at it. She thinks she is scaring it away:)

Here are my little worm diggers

Outdoor Play

With all of this beautiful weather we have been spending as much as possible outside. Here are some photos of our fun outside this weekend.



Riding bikes. Riley rides her bike around the block everyday. She is getting so good at it that Jason and I have to lace up our running shoes to keep up with her.

Jumping castle

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Jason and I have been doing some reading about the steroids, growth hormones etc.... used in our foods. Some research indicates that it is causing children to mature at a much earlier rate. Children are losing their teeth earlier, developing earlier and menstruating earlier. Heck, kids in the JK class at my school tell me that they have boyfriends and girlfriends and 6 students in grade 3 were caught on Tuesday kissing under the stairs. What ever happened to boys having cooties? Yes, we do know that there can be other factors such as air pollution and evolution that is causing this rate of maturation but we figure we can control what goes into our children's mouths so why not change their food to organic. Right now about 70% of what they consume is organic food. We have also changed all of our cleaning products into organic. Is it pure coincidence that this year we have made it through the winter with only one cold....last year we had 4 or 5 colds and one really bad flu. I guess we will never know for sure.... but their health is worth the extra money in the grocery store. Jake maybe you can weigh in on this one???

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yard work

Look it's the Hubbard Sweat Shop:)


Our backyard is gone.....GRUBS!!!!! If anyone has any helpful hints or advice for us please... we need all the help we can get.

Happy Anniversary G.G. and G.G.2

Sunday we headed down to Toronto for G.G. and G.G.2's Anniversary brunch. It was great to be with Jason's family and the kids were very well behaved. Once again the hit of the party for the kids was Jason's cousin's Sara, Brain and Melissa. We sure are going to miss Sara and Brian when they move to Australia this summer. Here are a few photos from the party.
Sara and Simon

Three generations

The happy couple

Bouncy ball and Balaclava

Riley and Simon got new 'bouncy balls' and are bouncing up a storm...

When we went to Collingwood I bought both the kids new Balaclavas for under their ski helmets and Riley insisted on wearing it...in fact she said "I'm never going to take it off"....help us.

Le Scandinave!!!

Saturday afternoon after our morning with the kids Jason took them home for a nap and my mom and I spent 4 hours in heaven at Le Scandinave Spa. We relaxed in the hot baths, took the cold (FREEZING) plunge and then relaxed in the relaxation areas. We did this many times and I only cheated once on the cold plunge...my mom she says she only cheated twice ;) If you ever get the chance to do this, I highly recommend it...Jason and I are plannning to go together next time.

You are not supposed to take any photos but I managed to sneak a few in...shh.