Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Dump

I am once again cheating with just a photo dump, and a partial one at that. There's just too much right now. I have no words....or should I say little words.

Sickness was still in our air. So this mama pulled out the big guns. The chemicals.

I was armed and dangerous.

One more day of sitting around and eating Popsicles and watching T.V. May possibly kill me.

We chanced it with a drive thru run to Timmies for 5 chocolate timbits.

Daddy knows how to make this tired mama smile.

People started to feel better so we danced.

The preparations for Riley's birthday party are in full swing.

Extra dance classes and late night after dance dinners are also in full swing.

Everyone must be feeling better. The playroom was hit by the Hubbard Three Tornado and Riley made this sign for the doorway.

Competition dress rehearsal filled up our day with makeup, fake hair, giggles, silliness and a whole lot of dancing.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trying to stay positive

We have had a crazy couple of weeks. Seriously, crazy. I am trying to stay positive and upbeat about everything because there is so much to be positive and upbeat about but.....I'm just going to complain for a few minutes, ok? Complaining on here is good because nobody answers back.

Riley is finally back to normal. After a week off school, a week in bed and a week of fevers at 104. Just as she started to feel better Coop went down. Fever and the continuing cough. We spent lots of time in baths.

Some days maybe too long...

We spent hours on the couch with our drinks and books

And hours watching Dora

Thankfully his fever only lasted 24 hours. His ears and chest are clear. He has been diagnosed with the 100 day cough.

The weeks of little sleep and constant nursing back to health caught up to me on Tuesday afternoon. With a killer headache that was so bad I was sick to my stomach. Jason was in Toronto so the other man of the house stepped it up and helped make our pancakes for Pancake Tuesday.

Things started to look up for us on Wednesday. We all went to school. Riley's report was featured on the level 4 work board at school.

My girl won an award at school and she recited a poem in front of the school at the Ash Wednesday liturgy.

Things looked great. We busted a move in the kitchen.

Then during the night Simon went down....hard. This picture was taking in the middle of night during one of his quiet moments. Quiet moments came far and few between.

Back to the clinic we went. After 4 hours of waiting we are home with strep throat and a double ear infection

Coop made his own fun at the clinic.

I am thankful we are a family that doesn't get sick often. I am thankful I was 3 cars behind the car that was hit head on this morning. I am thankful that with rest, antibiotics and a whole lot of love my kids will be healthy again. I am thankful for knowing the nurse at the clinic today who made our wait shorter at 4 hours, others waited much, much longer. I am thankful the weekend is coming and that I get to be with my girls supporting the best charity on earth Alivia's Rainbows.

Thanks for listening to my you had the choice.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Changes

 We have been planning for weeks to spend our Family Day weekend at the cottage. But Friday rolled around and we just couldn't do it.  The kids have been sick, we all feel worn out, the next date on our calendar with nothing written on it is April 14th. The packing up, organizing, cleaning, planning and the get up and go needed just wasn't there. 


Instead we spent a weekend of nothingness and it was so nice. We baked, had friends over, built forts outside, went to the movies. Practiced stage hair and make up for Riley's upcoming competitions. For the record, I suck at liquid eyeliner. Especially liquid eyeliner on a six year olds blinking eyes. 


 We spent days in our P.J.'s. Mismatched of course, that's how we roll. 

 We crafted

 Sat in the sunshine and told each other jokes

 Snuggled up together and feel asleep while signing Down By The Bay.  

We made piƱa coladas and sat by the fireplace drinking them. We also decided that we NEED a bear skin rug for these occasions. 

We had silly brother time in the bath.



 I even remembered I have a good camera. Although I didn't go as far as taking any pictures on it. 

 Happy Family Day!  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo Dump

Sweatshirt Circa 1989




Looking at this face everyday makes me so happy


Look how fancy they are at "Tim Portons" 


Eye lashes


Our silly boys


Feet fight


Have I mentioned that he refuses to wear pants with buttons?  "Hockey players wear cozy pants" 


Thank you Pintrest 


A Dino a mermaid and two humans enjoy the blueberry danishes. 


Upy, upy, upy


Fancy drinks and Scrabble with two of my boys 




Late night reading


Fresh white snow and blue bird skies = love


Car wash tag team


Preparing for Riley's 7th Birthday Party


Thanks again Pintrest, Mint  Chocolate Chip Cake 


New coffee toys = love


Movie night with friends