Tuesday, June 30, 2009


On Monday Nee Nee took us to Marineland. She was able to purchase tickets from her work and for an extra $5.00 we upgraded to a seasons pass. They were calling for rain all day so the park was not busy at all, we were able to go on rides without any waits....and, it never rained.

Simon wanted to go on all the rides

Riley, who last year went on every ride preferred to stand back and watch

We all went on the ferris wheel

Watching the whales

Hanging out in the stroller

Feeding the fish, bears and deer. We also tried to feed the beluga's but they are doing construction and the begulas were scared and not coming to the surface to eat. They told us it could take hours before it was our turn. We opted out of waiting for that long, we will do it the next time we use our session passes.

Watching the dolphin show. We waited for about a half an hour for the show to start, two minutes to show time Simon fell asleep in Nee Nees arms.

Thanks for another great day Nee Nee!

Sunday with the Vanderklei Family

Sunday the day was spent with Chantal, Craig, Mathieu, Andrew and Alivia. Simon was in heaven. Si is a boys boy, he loves all the 'boy toys' and loves to be with other boys. He was playing hockey, playing "bad guys", and even shooting Nerf guns....pure bliss for him. Riley and Liv played dress up and crafted together.

Happy Birthday Nee Nee

On Saturday I had a little birthday celebration for my mom (Nee Nee) at a restaurant in St. Catherines called Wildfire. Most of our family and some of her friends were able to join us. It was a great night!

Cooper and Aunt Connie

Checking out the newest member of our family, Mabel Rose.

Mabel's big sister Adele and Uncle Pete

Cooper and Sue

Jason and Issac

Time for cake

Hope you had a great birthday Nee Nee. We love you.

A Day With Friends

Friday was our last day with Laurel...even though Riley and Laurel decided that she was staying until winter. We also had our friends Christine, Lilly, Katie and Adam over for the day. It was another great day playing on the water slide.

Here goes Lilly


Five months

Cooper turned 5 months old on the 19th. It is amazing how interactive he is with his laughs, smiles, coos and squeals. He is reaching out and grabbing things now. His favourite thing to grab is Riley's hair...and to pull it out by the handful. He has 2 bottom teeth. He rolls from tummy to back and can get up on his side from his back but has yet to go all the way. Here is our big boy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elmvale Zoo

Thursday's activity with Laurel was to go to the Elmvale Zoo. We met another friend, Devyn and her grandma there for the morning.

Feeding the deer

Feeding the giraffe


Cooper taking it all in

Another great day

Happy Birthday Jason

Wednesday was also Jason's 34th birthday. We had a little celebration for him complete with pirate party decor. There is nothing like eating a lobster dinner on paper pirate plates. Jason's parents and I gave him pieces of eight to buy a new camera. ARGH!!!!

Our fourth child...

For three days one of Riley's friends from school, Laurel, is staying with us. Wednesday the day was spent outside on Simon's new contraption...

Bear Creek English Staff Party

On Tuesday evening we hosted Jason's english departments staff party. Another great night of fun, friends, food and drink.

Beating The Heat

It has been so nice and hot the past couple of days. We decided to give Simon one of his birthday presents early. Jason and I along with Nee Nee bought him a giant inflatable water slide and pool. It has been a hit!