Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We took full advantage of the beautiful weather we had a couple of weeks ago and headed to the pumpkin patch in search of the perfect pumpkin.
We found our family of pumpkins, each one, the perfect size
Just like us

Thanksgiving Weekend at the Cottage

We spent another glorious Thanksgiving Weekend at the cottage. It was a beautiful weekend filled with swimming and rock walking
Leaf jumping
Leaf fights
And many beautiful photo ops.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

I went to the pumpkin patch this morning with the three kids. It was for a birthday party. It was cold, wet and muddy. The kids are all in their rooms right now. I am frustrated and diasppointed with their behavior at the party. We all can use a little quiet time. Why does it feel like they were the worst behaved children out the bunch? Is it because there were parents and kids there whom I teach, and I feel the pressure? It's day 11 without Jason. We miss him. He gets home in the middle of the night tomorrow. My progress reports are due on Monday, I have a lot of work to do. I'm here writing this instead of working on them. My back is feeling a bit better, I wasn't able to walk last weekend so mobility is fantastic. I have a doctors appointment next week to get a referral for therapy. I cracked a tooth. I guess I will have a dentist appointment next week too. Riley had her dental work done last week. They sedated her, she was funny after the procedure was done. I think I had a glimpse of what she will look like in her drinking years. I was about to write university years but, I know what kids do in high school. I was one of those kids. Cooper told Jason on Skype the other night that he thinks he " rocks my world". He is right he does. We had a huge storm the other night. My basement leaked. A parent dropped there child off at school on Wednesday telling me that her son was up all nit sick with a fever and a bad cold. She brought him to school anyway. Guess what? I'm now sick with a cold. Here's hoping nobody else gets it. Cooper had a reaction last week to apples. He seems to be able to eat fresh apples but any processes apples get the best of him my brother Ryan has an apple allergy so I'm not surprised. The poor kid lived on the toilet or in the bath for about 30 hours. Simon has an obsession with Star Wars right now. It's fun! I like reading and learning about all the characters with him. There sure are a lot of characters. I bought him a character encyclopedia and it's 200 pages. Our new wine fridge finally arrived. It was completely damaged. They were supposed to deliver a new one on Tuesday. They didn't show up. The say they will be here on Tuesday. This is my first time updating this blog on this app on my iPad. I hope it works. The kids and I are ordering pizza tonight and eating it in my bed while we watch movies until we fall asleep. I bet I'm the first one sleeping. I guess I have left them in their rooms long enough. More posts with picture and project 365 will be here soon. I know, I always say that.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

224/365 - My Jedi Knights

223/365 - The Boyz

222/365 - WWWWHHHHHEEEEEE!!!!!!

221/365 - Full and Double


Copper cries a lot at school A LOT. The first thing out his mouth every morning is "do I have to go to school?" If I answer yes, he cries. All. Morning. Long. He cries at drop off. He cries during every transition through the day. He cries if any other parent comes to the school for any reason. He cries when I pick him up at the end of the day and says "I cried for you all day mama." It breaks my heart, but I know, this too shall pass. One thing he has taken great interest in at school is their garden. Specifically the tomatoes. He sits and picks baskets of them "to bring home for mama." When we get home he gives his tomatoes a bath "so mama can make soup."
Thank you red tomatoes, thank you green tomatoes, thank you rotten tomatoes for giving my baby something to smile about. I have no idea what we are going to do now that you are gone.