Thursday, December 29, 2011

300/365 - Happy

299/365 - Woodpeckers Were Here

298/365 - Finally

297/365 - Trying To Learn About Bokeh

296/365 - Fresh Fallen Snow

295/365 - Snuggle Puppy

294/365 - Gaining Height

293/365 - Morning Hike

292/365 - Good Til The Last Drop

291/365 - Just Dance

Letting It Linger

Is it really over? Already? We are going to let it linger a little longer here. What a beautiful, happy, relaxed, joyful, fun, food and drink filled Christmas we have had. Our Christmas Eve traditions stayed strong this year. We went to the 5:00 mass at our new church St. John Vianney, picked up our chinese food, insert the Fa-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra jokes here(if you have never seen the movie A Christmas Story, then forget that last part), opened our sibling presents
Tracked Santa
Wrote our letters "I hope you have a good night. I want to play hockey with you. Good hockey night."
prepared milk, cookies and carrots
sprinkled the reindeer food outside
Then after 45678985674 go to sleeps. The big guy was able to put together some large toys and set up under the tree. Phew. This only took until 3:00am
The next morning was spent ripping paper, eating, drinking, squealing, clapping, cheering and saying "can you open this," "can you put this together," "can you help me?"
We spent our entire day playing, cooking and being together in our jammies. One of our highlights was spending a good hour on Skype with Ryan and Hillary, sharing every single toy with them.
Nee Nee spent her day teaching Riley how to sew. Look what Riley was able to make! I am seriously impressed. With only a few lessons and a watchful eye she made a blanket for her doll Dee Dee.
The turkey, stuffing, potatoes, turnip, gravy, baked beans, peas, mushrooms and almost the cabbage rolls (oops) all served on Riley's cute dinner table set up.
And we topped off the night with singing Happy Birthday Baby Jesus
A perfectly beautiful, peaceful end to a perfectly beautiful peaceful day.

Monday, December 26, 2011

290/365 - Santa's Favourite Cookies

289/365 - Riley And I Try On My Dance Costumes From 25 Years Ago

288/365 - Cindy Lou Who

287/365 - Jimmy Makes Elf Donuts

286/365 - I Love Shadow Pictures

285/365 - Muscle Man Coop

SGA Christmas Party 2011

We had the pleasure of hosting my schools staff Christmas party. Being a newbie on staff, I did not know what to expect. All I can say publicly is, the only pictures or stories I will share on here are ones that I took before the guests arrived. I also want to add in how happy I am to be part of such an amazing staff and how happy I am that my children will be taught by these dedicated, passionate professionals who sure know how to have a good time.
We also want to thank our amazing neighbours for taking Riley, Simon and Cooper for us. We are so thankful.

284/365 - Jimmy Paints Their Nails While They Sleep

283/365 - Jimmy Toilet Papers The House