Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear Riley,

One day I will be bigger than you. One day Simon and I will have boy power. One day we will get back for doing these things to us.


Seven Months

One last P.E.I. Post. The Gold Medal Celebration

Simon gives daddy the thumbs up for winning the "golden medal."

We all went to a restaurant following the medal presentation to celebrate the accomplishment. Riley and Simon have a chance to wear the "golden medal."

Simon colours with Janis, Jason's Mission Staff for the games.

A great finish to a great week. See you again P.E.I.

All the better to bite you with....

The Naughty Nibbler has a new tooth.

Just like Riley and Simon, his teeth are not coming in the order they are "supposed" to. He too will be a baby vampire....hopefully they are both in for Halloween, it will save me buying those plastic teeth.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


We lucked out on the day we went to visit Charlottetown, they were having a parade.

We spent the rest of the day walking down the main street to see the sights.

Of course we had to have Cows ice cream.

Simon turned into the "blue monster" eating his ice cream.

Grandpa and Riley walked ahead, pretending to not be with the "blue monster."

Highland Storm

On one of the evenings we went to see a performance called Highland Storm. It in an outdoor theatre put on by the College of Pipers.

Riley doing her own little jig.

And keeping with tradition...he slept through Disney On Ice, he slept through the Opening Ceremonies and he slept through Highland Storm.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Bottle Houses

We took the day to slow our pace down a bit and spend some time looking at the bottle houses. These house were built by a man named Edouard in his retirement. From 1980 to 1984, he cleverly cemented over 25,000 bottles of various shapes, sizes and colours, into three different buildings.

The gardens and ponds that surround the bottle houses.

The cutest kids EVER!!!!

Simon and the mosquito magnet. He has a picture of this at home that he cut out of the Canadian Tire flyer. He spotted it and needed his picture taken with it. I can't explain ranks right up there with my friends Sharon's little guys obsession with the Shamwow.

Anne even went to the Canada Games Reception

That Anne, she sure gets around! She was even spotted at the Canada Games Reception.

Anne of Green Gables

After our time at Avonlea Village we went on on a guided tour of the Anne of Green Gables house from Anne herself!

The inside of the house.

Going for a little walk on the haunted trail and having a little break to watch the golfers.

In the carriage again.

Working in the barn.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Avonlea Village

Of course a day was spent in Avonlea Village exploring all things Anne.

At Avonlea School, hard at work.

Playing in the Avonlea School playground.

Hey Look!!!!! It's Anne and Gilbert in the carriage.

Having tea.

Waiting for a train.

Making butter.

Losing pants while making butter.

Would the real Anne please stand up.

Meeting Anne.

Riley meeting Riley the horse.

Grandpa Wayne in Waynes Barn.

Pony rides and square dancing.

A parade through the village with Anne and Gilbert and Kids show with Mike.