Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cottage Summer 2013 - Family Time

We spent a glorious week at the cottage this past summer. Our first few days there was just us. Fishing, swimming, playing and relaxing on the dock.
We spent our 12th Wedding Anniversary at the cottage and in Hunstville relaxing at a lake side restaurant.

Our Dancers!!!!

Our B-Boy

Simon asked to join a Hip Hop class last year. We happily signed him up. He quickly realized that it wasn't for him, but he stuck it out all year long, never complaining. He rocked the recital, we are both so proud of him.

2012-2013 Dance Year - Riley

In May we wrapped up a very successful competitive dance season. Riley danced in the mini division competing in three different areas, jazz, tap and open. They competed in four different competitions, two in Barrie, one in Richmond Hill and one in Buffalo. They cleaned up at every competition with top honours. Most importantly, she had a ton of fun, developed amazing friendships and grew as a dancer and continued to grow into the amazing little girl she is. We are so proud of you you Riley!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013