Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today Cooper and I were running around getting things ready for Riley's birthday party on the weekend. One of our stops was the mall. As I was leaving the mall pushing the stroller a bunch of teenage boys were leaving at the same time. As I went through the first set of doors one of the boys ran over and held the second set open for me. I hope that when my boys become teenagers they are the ones in the group willing to hold the that door open, even when none of their friends are holding any doors.


On Tuesday mornings after I drop Riley and Simon off at school Cooper and I do errands. We always hit the grocery store. Simon LOVES watermelon and they actually had some at the grocery store this week. When I picked Simon up from school I told him that I bought him some watermelon and that he could have some with his lunch. All the way home he repeatedly asked for watermelon, my answer was always when get home I will unload the groceries and then cut some for him. At home I started to unload the groceries, on one of my trips in the house Simon called out "don't worry mom, I got the watermelon." This is what I found...

Monday, February 23, 2009


As part of our Christmas from my mother we get a family Christmas gift. Last year we went to the Great Wolf Lodge, this year we went to the Americana. It is very similar to the Great Wolf Lodge but on a smaller scale. It was fantastic for us as there are a ton of things for children Riley and Simon's age.

We spent two full days in the waterpark having a blast. Nee Nee and Papa joined us for the day on Saturday as well. Riley can now swim like a fish and did not stop swimmming all day on Saturday only stopping for a 15 minute lunch break. Simon was a bit more reserved and stuck closer to his daddy.

Thumbs up from the boys.

Riley off and swimming on her own.

Waterslide time.

Riding the fish.

In the wave pool with dad.

More of Riley the little fish.

Cooper and I hung out on the deck and watched. My incision has not healed so I wasn't taking any chances of infection by going in the pool. Cooper was more than happy to hang out in the Baby Bjorn.

Cooper and Riley relaxing in the hotel room.

We exhusted the kids so much in the pools that Simon fell asleep at the table during dinner. He had a quick nap and was ready to go for the pirate sing-a-long at night. Cooper was happy to hang out in Nee Nee's arms.

Thanks again Nee Nee, we had a great time. Staying in a hotel room with three kids was a piece of cake....especially when you exhust them completely in the waterpark all day.

Meeting Memere and Pepere

On the weekend Cooper met his Memere and Pepere for the first time. He is one lucky little guys to have 2 sets of great grandparents. We also had the chance to visit Memere in her new home. It was great to see her looking so good, she has gained a little bit of weight and gets up and walks around a little. The next challenge for her is to get a new roommate, the 102 year old cranky old lady is not doing it for my friendly grandma.

In the "town square" there was a gentleman playing the guitar as part of the entertainment. Simon headed right up to the microphone and sang twinkle twinkle and Old MacDonald to all the seniors, he was a hit.

Party...another good reason to eat cake.

We celebrated Cooper's one month with Jason's parents on Friday night with some ice cream cake. A one month birthday....a great reason to eat cake!

He looked so cute in his chair that I couldn't resist snapping a whole bunch of photos.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Month

Cooper is one month old today! He is an eating machine....every hour...24 hours a day. We had his one month doctors appointment and he has gained 1 lbs 9 oz in 2 weeks. He now weighs in at 9 lbs 9 oz and is 23 inches tall, an increase of 1 3/4 inches in the same two week period.

He has an awake time first thing in the morning, sleeps most of the day and has another awake time in the early evening. He likes to be held all the time and is currently hanging off me in the Baby Bjorn. Life is grand for Cooper!

Grandma and Grandpa (Jason's parents) are coming over tomorrow night for dinner and to celebrate Coop's one month birthday.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bath Time

We love bath time together...

Naked Chef

First he was the Naked Cowboy, now the Naked Chef.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I am very happy to say that Jason has been offered the position of the beach volleyball coach for the 2009 Canada Games Team. He has been working very hard on his coaching over the past year and it is paying off. We will all be travelling to Summerside P.E.I for two weeks in August. Jason will spend a week coaching and living in the athletes village, the kids and I are hoping to rent an oceanfront cottage, attend the opening ceremonies, watch some beach volleyball and live the life in P.E.I. I am already researching and have a few friends who travel to P.E.I. every summer that are helping me with our plans. We can not wait and we are very proud of Daddy.


We went skiing on Sunday morning at Horseshoe Valley. It was a fantastic day, the kids both did an amazing job.

Riley insisted from the beginning that she could do it by herself. Jason was there to stop her as she can not stop yet. She was so proud of herself.

This was Simon's first time skiing. He did a great job and wanted to go again, again and again.

Valentines Day

We had a great Valentines Day! We had a yummy pancake breakfast, we exchanged Valentines gifts, the kids and I made a heart shaped cake, Simon and Jason headed to the college for volleyball practice, Riley, Cooper and I headed to Horseshoe Valley Resort for a birthday party and we ended the night out for a steak dinner. Cooper was the hit of the restaurant, everyone felt the need to come over and ask about him.

Simon the Valentine Pirate

Enjoying the Valentines crafts

The boys ready to go the gym. They insisted on wearing "gym clothes."

Riley at Laurel's party. I was a little nervous about this party as it was a pool party. I am unable to go into a pool as my incision is not healed...what would Riley do????? Well, I put on her life jacket and off she went, swimming all over the pool, climbing out and jumping back in without any help. It was awesome!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today Riley and Simon have their Valentines Party at school. All three of them got dressed in their Valentines shirts and humoured me with posing for some photos.

Newborn Photos

We have taken Cooper to get his newborn photos done. We did photos of Riley and Simon at 2 weeks and we did the same for Cooper. In these photos he is a spitting image of Simon at 2 weeks.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nice P.J.'s

Riley changes her clothes at least 10 times a day...this is what she put on to wear to bed this evening.

The Parker Family

We had a wonderful afternoon with Christine, Lilly, Katie and Adam today. They came over to meet Cooper, have lunch with us and play. The kids play so well together that it allows Christine and I to have some adult conversation with minimal interruption.

Lilly holds Cooper

Katie holds Cooper