Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lucky Beanstalks

I feel so lucky to be a teacher. I feel even luckier to be a teacher at the same school my kids go to.

I never miss a thing. I'm sure as they get older they will wish I missed a few things.

This week Riley's class, Simon's class and my class went to see the theater producton of Jack and the Beanstock.

It was so great to see Simon and his friend dancing the aisles the entire time.


When we got home from school Riley, in true Riley fashion, found a seed, planted it, watered it and sat beside it all. night. long. Watching for it to grow.

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Anonymous said...

Your life is not "luck". YOU made it all happen with all your dedication and very hard work, and of course a great husband doesn't hurt. Go get em girl !