Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Simon The Poet

Our school had a poetry reciting competition. Each teacher was to hold a competition in their classrooms and pick a couple students to move on to the gym.

Our Simon was one of two students from his class chosen to go on stage in the gym. He nor I could be more proud.

He was very excited, he chose all his clothes to wear because he wanted to be "fancy" and he also chose Cooper's "fancy" clothes as he was coming to the school to watch.

I, of course, took a video of him and it is FANTASTIC, especially when he is done and turns to walk off stage and does the raise the roof move. PRICELESS. I can't get it to post!!!! Paula, do you have any advice?

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P'nC said...

Are you uploading from Blogger? That's strange. File too large maybe?

The other option is to upload it to YouTube and then link it to your blog via YouTube.

Love your description of his exit though - fabulous!