Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simon's Birthday Party

Simon decided last year after his party that his next party will be a Zoo Tek party. Zoo Tek is a company in Barrie that travels to special events and parties with an entourage of animals and reptiles.

So Zoo Tek it was.

In attempt to keep all 18 (cough) children from running wildly through our house before the show began we painted reptile eggs.

Then the critters came out....and so did the HUGE smiles.

After all the animals washed their hands left the party it was time for spider dogs, lizard eggs and snake eyes.

Time for cupcakes.

Opening presents.

What great party! The kids are all so well behaved and most importantly Simon thinks
"it was the best party ever."

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ZooTek said...

Wow! What GREAT pics! Thank you for letting ZooTek be a part of Simon's Birthday party! WE had such a "Wildly Exciting" time showing and educating the children on all the amazing animals that inhabit our earth.

If other Mom's or Dad's are interested in a ZooTek Birthday Party, we can be reached at (705) 456-9696 or via email to "".

Thank you!
Doug and the Gang @ ZooTek
"Widly Exciting" Since 1995!