Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Magic

This year I'm feeling it. I'm really feeling it. The Christmas music is playing and we are busting a move to it.
Creating our own Christmas traditions is very important to me. Christmas is a sad time for me personally, this year I'm kicking those feelings out. They have no place in my family anymore. I have struggled with them for 30 plus years. My time is up. Move on sister! The tradition of Drysdales Tree Farm. This year with new friends. This place is magical, even in the rain. There is just something about the smells, the lights, the music, the people.
The soft spoken Santa who carefully listens to each child's dreams.
The train ride, the sleigh ride it's all part of the magic.
The magic that exists in the face paint, even if you ask to look like a baby tiger every. single. time.
I am feeling this Christmas magic like no year before. There's no stopping me now.

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