Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anything Can Happen If You Let It

Riley, Nee Nee and I spent another beautiful day together. It started with Riley and I driving to Yorkdale Mall, shopping a little, stocking up at Starbucks and taking the subway to the Eaton Centre where we met Nee Nee.
We shopped a little bit more, hailed a cab, stopped for lunch and enjoyed the musical Mary Poppins.
Riley sat captivated, literally at the edge of her seat for the entire performance.
After the show, we went for a "fancy dinner" and ordered "fancy drinks." My little Riley ordered an entree of salmon, wild rice and veg and she ate the entire thing. She then ordered white chocolate crepes for dessert. She is a champ. Riley and I got back on the subway and arrived back at Yorkdale Mall 10 hours after we left there that morning. Riley asked me if we could continue shopping!!! This girl has got stamina. Another beautiful day with my best girls.

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