Monday, May 7, 2012

Photo Dump

Date night.

The boys and I go on a movie date while Riley is on a play date.

My girl LOVES the side pony tail.

Coopers room gets painted. Now we need a bed frame, new lighting and decor.

I didn't even realize we had one of these.

We spent 24 hours in Welland, it's in full bloom. Riley played hooky from school because sometimes other things are much more important.

This was much more important than a day at school. Our Uncle Pete, our hero, the biggest baddest fighter ever.

In a park in Welland there is a statue of Mr. Leon, of Leon's furniture. Leon's began in Welland. The kids loved "metal man" and completely violated him.

It was 30 degrees in Welland. Time for the park.

Simon's reaction when he learns you can write on the table at this resturant.

I am loving this extra chore thing for quarters.

Riley auditions for a new dance team. Sadly, we have learned that Riley's current dance studio will not open it's doors in September. It has been heart breaking for our little girl but she made the new dance squad and so did 2 others from her group. Riley will now be dancing 6 hours a week! This is serious business.

I am head over heels with him.

Coop's favourite things: fruit and hockey.

We pretty much have the smartest 3 year old ever. He did these on his own.

On the way home from Welland the kids and I stopped at a gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, vegan resturant in Burlington called Kind Food. The food was fantastic.

I am grassed obsessed. I dethatched, raked, aerated, raked and fertilized on the weekend. I'm hoping for rain for the next few days so I can over seed then follow my old neighbours secret grass tonic regime.

After bath and before bed bike ride to the pond.

After 3 weeks of Jason being gone during waking hours he is home on time to put the kids to bed.

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