Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Wish and a Photo Dump

I have a wish. I'm going to put it out there and maybe I will get lucky. Just maybe. I wish for at least one month (i was going to ask for six months, but that may be pushing it) for there to be no pain, no broken bones, no illness, no sadness and no drama in my little family of five and my extended family. ONE FULL MONTH. That's not a lot to ask for is it? I don't think it is. Come on universe.

While I wait for all the above to go away, I am reminded again and again how beautiful our life is. Look at this kid. He can light up any room. He can bring an entire room of adults to their knees with laughter. Just don't ask him to show you where his crack is, because he will make you look "only for a minute".

As I said before, yellow makes me happy. Going out for an adult night out with my girl makes me super happy. Following that up with a night out with Jason makes me super duper happy.

It always goes this way....Jason is unavailable to us for three weeks so what happens....what always back goes out. I am the hunchback again. Simon took this picture, I was trying seriously hard to stand as upright as possible.

I spend a lot of time on the floor when my back is this way. Which we now know is a disk. My view from the floor.

When I was upright we spent time at the library.

Time puddle jumping.

Time playing games.

Time having long hot baths.

Shhhhhhhhhh.....don't say anything but Cooper is wearing jeans.

We had lunch fun in Jason's portable. This is actually when my back went out.

Catching snowflakes

Did you know hand driers are this fun?

Cooper helps to clean floors. He says "Ottawa and the Leafs are playing golfing"

Cuteness x 3

Newman is totally freaked out when Lucy is in her ball.

Now come one Universe, give us a least one month.

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