Saturday, August 25, 2012

A day with my girls

I am one of the lucky people who still has her pose from high school in her life. These girls and I have been through a lot together. No matter the time nor distance between us we remain friends who ALWAYS support each other.

Paula and her family flew in from Texas for a visit so we jumped at the opportunity to gather at Chantal's new house.

My sweet godson Mathieu

A little time for a book with Katie. Don't let this photo fool you. The quiet lasted about 2 minutes.

It's hard to believe we have 13 children between the four of us.

From left to right, Cooper, Abby, Riley, Katie, Analise, Spencer Simon and Vanessa.

Obviously some kids are not in these pictures. Mathieu, Andrew, Madelyn and Naomi were off doing something else. And Alivia was smiling down on us from heaven.

Chantal and I.

The four girls.

I am blessed to have these ladies in my life. Can't wait to be together again soon. Next time, in Texas, around Paula's pool.

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