Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It what?

This new program appears to be working, but now I am overwhelmed with where to start to catch up when I haven't blogged in 2 months.
Let's go back to the beginning of June, shall we?
June was filled with time at Canada's Wonderland

Fun with friends

Final swimming lessons

Private Jim Cuddy concerts to benefit Gilda's Club. I am soooooooo lucky to have these amazing opportunities.
The host house was owned by an NHL player and was located right on Lake Simcoe. It was amazing.

Mr. Jim Cuddy

Kara and I

Riley had wacky hair day

Riley and Simon had career day. Riley is an artist, Simon is a rock star and Cooper just wanted to be like his big sister and brother.

Riley had Hawaiian day

We finished Simon's drum lessons and Riley continued to find ways to entertain herself while we waited.

We went to see Madagascar 3 at the Drive in. This is definitely the way to see a movie when you have a large family. It was only 25.00 for all of us. I had brought our own snacks and drinks and we could be in our P.J.'s:). A night out at the regular theatre easily costs us 100.00. The Drive in was much more economical.

That's all for tonight. I will get to Simon's birthday party and our trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame tomorrow.

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