Monday, March 19, 2012

The First Annual Hubbard Red Carpet Oscar Party

The red carpet for all the celebrities

The first to walk the red carpet is daddy. He is wearing a suit by the designer Old Bestman Gear.

Next, Cooper proudly displays his self picked fancy clothes. Designed by the NHL.

Riley is the third superstar to arrive. She is wearing a couture dress from the Balls Falls Craft Show.

The crowd goes wild when Simon arrives. He is sporting a Gymboree shirt and tie and the perfectly ripped and faded jeans.

Lastly, mommy arrives. Wearing a vintage fur coat circa 1980 and a vintage bridesmaid dress.

The party was catered by Costco seafood and the drinks provided by cupboard above the fridge.

And finally, everyone wants a turn with the vintage fur.

Until next year.


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