Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Break Photo Dump

Kawartha Ice Cream is gluten free. Good for us:)

Our road trip fast food. Picnic in a park.

Approximately 2.5 seconds after arriving at our hotel.

Admiring the veiw

Late night hotel movie in bed.

The Children's Muesum

Coop gives his thumbs up from the IMAX.


Swimming with friends

Snuggle buggle with Mama

Boston Pizza Gfree pizza

Coop passes out cold at Boston Pizza

Watching daddy make the Starbucks run for our hotel window

Our first 'real' Tea House experience with the kids

Eating gfree takes us to fabulous places. An Indy gfree coffee house. Amazing.

After 2 nights in Quebec we arrived to a friends house in Ottawa with a sleeping Cooper. The doggies waited for him to wake.

Planning newness for our backyard. Doesn't he look official?

Outdoor fun

Mud pies

Making paint decisions

Date night

Teaching an old dog new tricks

Watching the turkey vultures

Bare toes

Chalking a sunshine

Riding his big boy bike

I think the flies wanted a drink too.


Sun kissed cheeks

Concentration face

A family walk

Much more to come......


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