Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dance Competitons

Riley has competed in her first two dance competitions this season.  The first one was in Richmond Hill at the Richmond Hill Centre For The Performing Arts. The second one was at Barrie Central.  Her dance team did extremely well bringing home an award for every dance including diamond awards, platinum awards and first over all. 


The Mini Tap Team dancing to Rockin Robin

IMG 3076

The Mini Jazz Team dancing to Mamboleo

IMG 3042




A few of the 67 Lady Gaga's that dance in the open production number.

IMG 3046


Our little Lady Gaga

IMG 3044


Showing off some of the awards.


IMG 3047IMG 3038

You may notice her eyes look very swollen in the last picture.  Well, they were.  In true go big or go home fashion, Riley reacted to the eye lash glue.  We assume that there was gluten in the brand that I used.  Who knew adhesive was something else we had to watch out for, no more licking envelopes for this little girl.   Just to make sure she was going big enough, she rubbed her sore eyes while the eye lashes were still on and sliced her cornea down 3 levels.  That cut turned into an ulcered cornea.  Thankfully, she was quickly taken care of and the eye healed up without any other issues.  


We have two more exciting competitions to go this dance season.  Buffalo here we come.  

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