Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Let's first start by talking about Pinterest. I LOVE Pinterest. I get so many good ideas for home and for school off of Pinterest. I am pretty good at trying the things I pin. I saw this idea of filling your child's room with heart shaped balloons for the morning they wake up on Valentines Day. Great idea right?

Off to the dollar store I went. I bought 150 heart shaped balloons. Once the kids went to bed I started blowing up the balloons. It was then that I realized, this is NOT a good idea. Blowing up 150 balloons with my mouth....BAD IDEA. But, I stuck with it. After wanting to pass out several times, it was done. This is where mistake number 2 comes in, 150 balloons spread into three good sized bedrooms, does not achieve the effect I was going for. I needed many, many more balloons to make this idea Pinterest lovely.

The kids loved it. That's all that really mattered. I did not love the fact that I woke up with a huge thing on my lip. I assume it was from the 150 balloons, made in china that I blew up.

They enjoyed some heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

Dressed for their respective classroom celebrations.

Brought their teachers Pinterest inspired Valentines gifts

Came home from school to a Valentines dinner with heart shaped pizza's and Valentines surprises before we headed off to the nights activities.

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