Friday, January 6, 2012

Rainbows and Unicorns

A Christmas break that starts off with almost 3 full days lounging around the house, playing eating and drinking and just being together in our P.J.'s is going to be a great break. Especially, when you know that you have 13 more days of holidaying to come. We have swam and baked
We went to the cottage for a night. We packed in as much winter fun as we could opening Christmas gifts, skating, playing on the frozen lake, tobogganing and relaxing.
We then went to our friends cottage for our annual New Years Eve party. The night was full of food, drinks, fun, friends and of course fireworks. The kids celebrated New Years at 10:00 after a quick change of the clocks (kids that could tell time are over-rated). All adults stayed up until midnight, WITHOUT naps, AND nobody was markered.
We had quiet moments at home playing hockey, playing games and putting on dances and tobogganing down the hill beside our house
We spent a day at Yorkdale Mall and the Rainforest Cafe.
We spent a day skiing. Cooper's first time on his ski's and Simon's first time on his snowboard. Both boys did amazingly well. Riley is an old pro. Looking for bigger hills, steeper parts and wanting to go, go go.
We have a few fun activities planned for our last two days together. We are going to miss this break and all the yummies that has gone with it.
Already counting down to March Break.

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