Thursday, January 26, 2012

Soaking in every last minute (written on Jan. 18, published much later)

Dear My Coopy ,


I used to write these letters to your brother and sister on their birthday. It was something that I wanted to do for each child, for each birthday. Well, you are the third child and you sure know what that means. Here on the eve of your third birthday, I write your first ( maybe second) one. 


I sit here beside your bed watching you sleep, listening to you snore, smiling each time you press your lips together and cringing when you grind your teeth. I want to soak it all in, to never forget, your hands and how they feel around me, holding tight as you say "mama, I need you" or "mama, I love you so, so much". 



 I want to remember the feel of you, fresh out of the bath, when you ask me to "snuggle buggle" or to be "as snug as a bug in a rug" I never want to forget the sound of your voice when every single night at dinner I ask you what you you are thankful for and you respond "you, and you, and you and you" every single time. You love with your whole heart and you tell us everyday how much you love.



The smile on your face when you see Riley, Simon and I at your school at the end of the day. The way you run to us and jump into Riley and Simon's arms.The way you introduce me to people at your school by saying "this is my mama, and I love her very much". The way you throw in "thank you" and "you're the best mom ever" in multiple times a day.


 I never want to forget the things I know I will, your love for Raisin Bran, your love for the color blue, the way you want your breakfast cereal to be "as big as the CN Tower", your hatred of having your finger nails cut, the way you play with toys and always have them kiss and be friends, followed by a smash, and then followed again by kissing and making up. How you play with Riley and Simon, dressing up and dancing around the house, the way you "Chocobocca" instead of Chewbacca. The way you tell me "I feel lonely without you" when I leave your sight for a few moments. The way you always need "upy" into my arms. I want to remember that you have always been a "big boy, who can do big boy stuff". The way you dress yourself with your shirt on backwards every time. How "I can do it" is heard 24567839 times a day from you. 

 I'm not sure we will ever forget your absolute obsession with hockey. "I'll be the player, you be the goalie" You're collection of all things hockey and desire for anything and everything that has to do with hockey. 

Cooper, you are a sweet, sensivitive caring boy who wears his heart on his sleeve and has a mean slapshot. You love with your whole heart everyday and you share that love with all of us around you as often as you can. We are so lucky to be your parents. You have the ability (and often exercise the ability) to make us laugh, smile, shake our heads and steam with frustration all in the matter of minutes. You are one lucky boy to have such wonderful older siblings with the patience of an angel with you. You are my diva baby and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you Coop, with my whole heart. I can't wait to see what the age of three brings us. 

Let the adventures begin...