Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Second Annual Hubbard Halloween

The Saturday before Halloween we hosted our Second Annual Hubbard Halloween. This year it was bigger and better. 65 friends in costume came to spend the night with us over conversation, drinks and food. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan
Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach
The appetizer and sweets table
Pumpkin Krispies
Frankenstein Jello
Mummy toes
Pumpkin Cheese
And much more
I wish I would have taken a photo of everyone in their costume. I will set up a photo booth next year. I did get a few...
We had some crafts for the kids
Riley and Simon insisted on making mummy your mommy..or daddy an annual event.
Our last group of guests left at 1:00am. Riley and Simon were up until the end. Riley was jumping on the trampoline at midnight. It was a great night with tons of fun for everyone. At 4:00am we realized just how much fun Riley had when she vomited up pure chocolate. Now that's a party!

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