Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I sit here thinking of this past year, a few hours from a new year, a few hours away from being closer to 40 (yikes) I am thankful. This past year has been full. Full of good. Full of wonderful. Full of sad. Full of bad. Full of change. Full of awesomeness. I have learned many things this past year. I have been thinking of this for a while... I've learned....crying while holding hands makes me feel strong(er). I've learned....supporting others dreams is an important skill to teach your children.
I've sing to my children when I really want to yell. I've's ok to fight for your students even if you get your wrists slapped in the process.
I've learned....that sometimes, no matter how hard I try, somethings will never change. And, it's ok to stop trying. I've learned....that my little family is my world. I've learned....I don't like to be alone.
I've learned....breaking out into a kitchen dance party with the kids makes everything better. I've learned....that my families needs are changing and what has been right this year may not be right for next.
I've learned....that my clothes are not the right size. I've are the author of your own happiness.
I've learned....that you can't control what others do. You control how you react to it. I've learned....that I have the best friends. Each one perfect for me for different reasons.
I've learned....that nothing taste as good as a chai latte at Starbucks. I've learned....that I can run. I've learned....that I can watch my kids sleep for hours.
I've learned...that photography makes me happy. I've learned....that I will always long for another baby. I've look at the moon with different eyes.
....and there's so much more to learn. ....and I will. In time. Right now, I am happy and for that I am truly thankful.

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P'nC said...

You are amazing. Happy Birthday Beautiful!