Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I often refer to the kids as my little ducklings. I'm the mama duck walking with my three little ducklings following behind me. Saturday was our littlest ducklings school Christmas concert.
Coop has had a very difficult transition out of our nest and into school life. Much like Riley once did, he cries at school.
We didn't know what would happen on Saturday. Would he get on stage? Would he sing? Would he cry? How hard do we push him from the nest.
This is where the third child differs from the first. I would have been stressed out if I knew this was happening with Riley. She has to get on stage. All the money spent on new concert clothes. The family and friends watching. What would they think? My confidence as a mom has increased since those days.
We gently nudged him from the nest. Offering words of encouragement.
He wasn't having it. He wasn't interested in flying today. Then, his special comfort zone appeared with open arms and a friendly smile.
He got up on that stage in his new little nest. His temporary nest. The arms of a wonderful teacher.
He sang his songs and even stood tall for a few brief moments.
It was beautiful. He is beginning to fly.
We know that in his time he will ruffle his feathers and fly all on his own. We will be there cheering him on as proud of him then as we are of him today.

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