Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Changes

 We have been planning for weeks to spend our Family Day weekend at the cottage. But Friday rolled around and we just couldn't do it.  The kids have been sick, we all feel worn out, the next date on our calendar with nothing written on it is April 14th. The packing up, organizing, cleaning, planning and the get up and go needed just wasn't there. 


Instead we spent a weekend of nothingness and it was so nice. We baked, had friends over, built forts outside, went to the movies. Practiced stage hair and make up for Riley's upcoming competitions. For the record, I suck at liquid eyeliner. Especially liquid eyeliner on a six year olds blinking eyes. 


 We spent days in our P.J.'s. Mismatched of course, that's how we roll. 

 We crafted

 Sat in the sunshine and told each other jokes

 Snuggled up together and feel asleep while signing Down By The Bay.  

We made piña coladas and sat by the fireplace drinking them. We also decided that we NEED a bear skin rug for these occasions. 

We had silly brother time in the bath.



 I even remembered I have a good camera. Although I didn't go as far as taking any pictures on it. 

 Happy Family Day!  

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