Thursday, February 9, 2012

Secret Number One and a Photo Dump

 We have some secrets.  I feel ready to share one. 

After almost 8 years, I will be heading back to work full time in September.  This decisions has come after months and months of thinking, worrying, planning, questioning, doubting, crying, celebrating and every other emotion imaginable. I know we have made the right decision. I am ready to be back. I am ready to have my own classroom again.   


Riley and Simon will both be at school full time with me and Coop will continue at his Montessori. There is another huge piece to this puzzle that I will share in time. 


I'm not sure how it will all work as Jason will be continuing on with Volleyball Canada  (more on that later too). I do know that we will probably struggle and stress and worry but I also know that as one of my good friends says " we always come out smelling like roses". 


As our other 'projects' come together and we are comfortable with putting them out there, we will.  But for now,  a photo dump.  


I do love my job



Cooper reads his hockey books


The perfect late night combination 

 Blue bird sky ice cream date



 I wonder how long the obsession with keeping my car clean will last?



Our poor girl is under the weather


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