Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo Dump

Daddy and his girl

Our poor girl has not moved or spoken in days. It breaks my mama heart. 


I had to attend a dance hair and makeup workshop without her:(


He loves to colour...and be shirtless

Just what we needed, soft hockey sticks that are safe for the hardwood. Thanks Nee Nee


Words with fun. 


 I didn't know you could love a machine this much


Finally!  Some good snow to play in. 




Home made butter cream icing. Yum 


Another Pintrest attempt


Snow slide




Old Man Winter


17 years ago we went on our first date 


I'm in my car by myself. A night out with my gal. 


Al Bundy


She ALWAYS knows the right things to do


The Hubards are going down


Our early Valentines dinner

 "Mommy, let's do kissy faces"


 Do you like my P.J's?  My grandmother bought them for my mother years ago.  My mom hated them and never wore them. She gave them to me. I love them. Alternate title: our first date was 17 years ago. 


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