Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Super Hero

 I started off my Valentines morning putting on my super mommy cape.  Some days I just rock this mommy thing, other days I certainly do not. I was determined to rock it today. It's Valentines Day, a day of love, and our babies are sick and have been sick for almost 7 long days.  This super mama was ready to kick this mystery illnesses butt.  I was up early, opening windows, changing bed sheets, cleaning.  Everyone was dressed and out the door at 8:00am to go to the walk in clinic. My plan was to get there for opening so we wouldn't have to wait too long.  It was a good plan as you could see....



After waiting 2 hours, Simon made up a new game called "pass the germs".  It is sung to the tune of pass the potato. "Pass the germs, pass them on, pass them on, pass them on.  Pass the germs, pass them on.  You are sick"



 After not really getting any answers as to what is happening to my poor little girl and what is beginning to happen to Coop. We decided to attempt to drown the illness in treats. We went to Tim Hortons, watched movies in bed, Jason brought us home a sinful lunch, then we continued to relax in my bed. The sugar, open windows, and snuggling in fresh sheets did something good for Riley, after 6 days she started talking and being her joyful self. 

Some neighborhood friends dropped in to share Valentines, cupcakes and candy necklaces then we went to Simon's drum lesson. Coop crashed hard in the car on the way.  



Everyone was in good spirits after drum lessons so I uncrinkled my cape and offered to take the three kids to Boston Pizza for heart shaped pizza. They were so excited and continued to tell me the entire drive there that there is no such thing as a heart pizza. I assured them there was, and I was going to buy them one for dinner.   When they saw the poster on the door of Boston Pizza they laughed and exclaimed "you are right mommy, we are going to eat heart pizza.". The hostess at the door that told me that there was no room until 8:30 that night apparently didn't see my cape.  I wasn't leaving that damn place without three happy kids with heart shaped pizza in their bellies. Yes, she thought I was crazy when I set all four of us up around a two person bar table.  I didn't care.  We seat danced to the extremely loud music, wore stickers on our faces, Riley ate a little something for the first time in days and we left the with bellies full of the desired heart shaped pizza. 



 My super mama cape is retired for another day (or more). I was determined to make today about love.  I was determined to find the unicorn through the sickness, and we did, in a heart shaped pizza:). 

To top it all off, my biggest Valentine just came home from Toronto with this bag.

 I found another unicorn.


Hope your day was filled with heart shaped pizzas, love, treats, and bags that make you smile.  Much love. 


Carrie Lamothe said...

Awww...my day was filled with heart shaped pizzas! (take out though) and lots of sugar. I hope those babies feel better soon

P'nC said...

Love it! Who knew about the heart shaped pizza? I didn't! Thanks for the tip.

Feel better soon!