Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Dump

I am once again cheating with just a photo dump, and a partial one at that. There's just too much right now. I have no words....or should I say little words.

Sickness was still in our air. So this mama pulled out the big guns. The chemicals.

I was armed and dangerous.

One more day of sitting around and eating Popsicles and watching T.V. May possibly kill me.

We chanced it with a drive thru run to Timmies for 5 chocolate timbits.

Daddy knows how to make this tired mama smile.

People started to feel better so we danced.

The preparations for Riley's birthday party are in full swing.

Extra dance classes and late night after dance dinners are also in full swing.

Everyone must be feeling better. The playroom was hit by the Hubbard Three Tornado and Riley made this sign for the doorway.

Competition dress rehearsal filled up our day with makeup, fake hair, giggles, silliness and a whole lot of dancing.

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