Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend And More Phone Photo Dump

Happy to be at the cottage.

Blue bird skies make me happy.

It may be a little windy but we will still drink on the dock.


Unveiling an Easter gift.

Love her. And her gap.

A good old super soaker fight.

Movie time.


Camp fire

The Easter Bunny left a trail.

Easter morning looked a lot like Christmas morning. Lego and crazy hair.

The Easter Bunny left eggs outside too.

Let the outdoor hunt begin.

Time to dye the eggs.

Back outside.

And our great Easter Weekend gets even greater with a text that came in "We have a 10lbs ham that needs to be eaten, come to our cottage on your way home.".

Pig tails are mandatory as long as she doesn't have front teeth.

Coop is ready for Rainbow Day at school.

The great iPod touch saving begins.


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