Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photo dump - Our week.

This is a small photo dump because we have been dealing with major pink eye in this house. It's our first experience with pink with the kids ( I had it 6 times my first year of teaching got to love contacts and grimy kindergarten kids). Well, it's gross.

Simon started with double pink eye shortly after swimming lessons. Coop then got it, passed it on to Riley. Looks like I will be off work again tomorrow and back to the doctors for more drops. The kids and I all have raw and cracked hands from washing, sheets have been washed every day, we are drying hands with paper towel and the Lysol wipes have been working overtime. Sigh.

The boys play while I shop at Nicholyn Farms.

Jason surprises me with a little blue bag, just because.

Who needs a mini van or a pick up truck?

We are ready to go to Jure's Super Hero party. Coop had to stay home because of his eyes:(

Cat woman shows off her skills.

Simon put one token in the machine and won 500 tickets. He got a whoopee cushion and 3 gummy bears.

Coop discovers the magic of a Pez dispenser.

The flip master.

Riley works away at her extra chores.

Jason works hard all weekend to prepare a level spot for our new shed.

Simon catches bugs on the new level ground.


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