Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Dump - and a little more

I'm having mixed feelings about this blog. I started it for my kids. A journal of their lives. I enjoyed writing here, I enjoyed learning new photography techniques to share here. I have lost that. I get by with the bare minimum of a photo dump. I haven't taken my camera out of its bag in weeks because my phone is easier and more convenient. I hate that.

I am not inspired to write but at the same time I want to for the kids. I want them to know what our life was like when they are older and can't remember these days. I want them to know how much I love the everyday and how frustrating the everyday can be. I want them to remember everything we have done, everything we have said, everything we have. Maybe, most importantly, I want them to know my thoughts, my feelings, my dreams, my love and even some of my whining.

Discloser: I am about to whine. Sometimes just putting it out there and hitting the publish button makes things feel a little lighter.

To be perfectly honest with you, we are surrounded by a lot of stress right now. Work for both of us is stressful, there is labour unrest and the overall feeling of way too much to do and not enough time to do it in. It's that time of year again filled with concerts, report cards, assessment, uncertainty of next years placements.

Pink eye was with us for a week, it went on a little holiday and decided to come back. I think it likes us. There has been many, many days off work for both of us these last few months. Jason has had to use 9 sick days this semester alone because the kids are not well. We are not used to this, we have been so lucky with our kids health and now a mystery illnesses, pink eye, celiac related issues have hit us hard.

On top of our own kids, sadly my extended family is struggling with health: stress issues, broken bones, surgeries and cancer to name a few.

Volleyball is in full swing. In fact, Jason is gone from 7:00am every morning to teach and will be home each night from volleyball anytime after 10:00pm Weekends included. The next night he has off with us is May 11th. This schedule is hard on everyone, it's exhausting.

There, I filled my whine quota for a little while.

Believe me, although I whine I see so many amazing things. Our life is privileged and beautiful and I am the first to admit it.

Yep. I just wrote about not being able to write. Is that writing? Whining? Complaining? All of the above? Maybe, that shouldn't be answered.

Without further whining ado, a photo dump.

A blurry moonlight jump.

Snuggling and sleeping.

Putting Jason to work on his last day home.

Sleepover. Even Newman got in on the action.

I think these boys like my icing.

Dance photos.

Coop wasn't allowed to go outside until he put his coat on. He didn't want his coat on. So he sat at the window, watched the others play and cried.


Happy 11th Birthday Newman. You are an amazing dog and a loyal friend. We love you.

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P'nC said...

We will take your photo dumps ANYTIME! Blog, Whine, complain, share your joys and sorrows......that's why we love you and why we love your blog! You can do it Mama. (and the blog wolves will patiently wait until your next share!)